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Come Join Us At The HR Houston #GCS25

This is one is must attend for every HR professional in Houston.

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In pursuit of technology

A distinct perspective to look at the lighter side of HR. How technology can be friends with HR with no strings attached, this article can gift you a perspective.

The HR Business Partner Story

If technology was the solution to our problems, we’d be far closer to wrapping our heads around it than we are today. The evil truth is that it’s not. Technology is an enabler and that is the sole reason the HR fraternity has been able to maintain a safe distance and get away with it. Today, given the pace at which the world is moving ahead, we need every enabler that ever existed by our side and NOW! Technology without doubt is one of the biggest enablers out there.

Technology & HR isn’t a new synergy. We’ve been talking about technology for over a decade and the options available are overwhelming. The good news is that we don’t need all of it. The bad news is that we do need some of it and the worse news is that we’re struggling to identify what we need and what we don’t…

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HRtechTank event in Bengaluru


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My Best 5 Tweets on HRtechConf



Best Tweets

Top 5 Tweets on HRtechconf

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Recruiters, Jobseekers & Crow!

A short story for #Recruiters #Staffing #Recruitment

Post by Vinay Johar:

Recruiters, Jobseekers & Crow!

Recruiters, Jobseekers & Crow!

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Straight- talk From Our Customers

We always try sticking close to our principle; Drive business with customers interest first, not without them. And guess what? We’re pretty right. Our clients choosed us to stay in business from past 5 years and their continued support has still manage our run this far. We hope many more years to stay and bring value to our clients. Read what they say about us:

We hope these comments motivate you to adopt Applicant Tracking System and take your Organization to new heights. As always, you can depend on ATS to be your one-stop-shop for best talent.


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ATS Implications

Recruiters should be wary of the cost of a bad hire as it may impact the other sides of businesses as well. Not only they damage your work culture but put dents on your Employer Brand as well. That’s why we say, start right, straight from the start. Manage resumes well and make the best use of information extracted, Using Applicant Tracking Systems.

1. The results of a study of Germany’s largest 1,000 business enterprises (response rate 13.1 %) reveal that business process analysis, business process improvement and the usage of applicant tracking systems reduce recruiting process costs.

2. The Wall Street Journals reports that resume screening software use is widespread among larger companies to the tune of the “high 90 percent range.” It indicates that finding a Fortune 500 company that doesn’t employ application tracking systems would be exceptionally rare today.

3. Today some industry experts estimate that 80% of all companies, large and small, rely on the computerized ATS as the first reader for every resume received from any source.

The choice is yours. Select savings over losses and enhance your Recruiting systems with automation now.


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Hiring Troubles for ATS

For the appearance of a perfect candidate, Applicant Tracking System is a new idea to allow organizations to determine which candidates may be a match for a distinct position, based on their resume.

As a result, Rchilli is empowering this solution to help enterprises’ engage and hire the best talent in a meaningful way that makes an actual impact on business.

You’ve been in business for a long time but still not able to figured-out what’s the difference between Successful and less sucessful of ATS Solutions. How does a small company become successful?

For small and medium-sized employers, the success of any applicant tracking system depends mainly on three critical factors.

1 A Successful Activation
2 Modern Usability
3 Great Customer Support

We bet, you’ll drift your recruitment strategies. To cover all, you must download it here. So here’s the chance, to make a fresh start and offer, what’s being missed in your Organization.


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ATS Trends 2015

Over the years, Software Advice has talked with hundreds of organizations thinking about buying applicant tracking software. HRzone analyzed past buyers’ pain points and reasons for switching to new software to gauge trends in buying behavior.

Is your organization struggling with any of the below issues:

1. Social Media, Employee referrals, and online talent networks.

2. Building an end-to-end workforce management solution.

3. Assessments and video interviewing.

4. Web-based and mobile-first platforms.

Keep yourself top on the list by reading our whitepaper, Because these trends impact their operations in coming years. Access here.

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Rchilli Contribution To ATS

Are you losing sleep over your recruiting efforts?

We can help you. Let us know what you need to focus on to make sure you hire the best talent by choosing one or more from these options.

1. Proactively sourcing and pipelining the best passive candidates from ATS.

2. Re-discover your ATS’s Candidate experience with Social Profile Search.

3. An efficient resume handling in ATS with powerful Parser at the core.

5. Semantic enables quick search-match to get the best talent first and fast from ATS.

6. In the end, Re-define the job application process and take clicks to minimal in ATS.

Isn’t it amazing. Your Organization becomes delighted in using your ATS; the favorite place for both employers and job seekers. And that would keep up in the race of HR Software.

Enough said already. Let’s discuss, how we can upgrade your ATS to the next-generation. Call here.


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