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The Top 25 Recruiting Trends, Problems, and Opportunities for 2014 via ERE.net

on December 18, 2013
  1. The competition for top talent intensifies
  2. A metric-driven employee referral program becomes the dominant hiring source
  3. Predictive metrics and the use of big data move from interesting to essential
  4. Employer branding returns as the only long-term recruiting strategy
  5. Recruiting finally adopts the practice of monetizing its business impacts
  6. A focus on becoming a serial innovation firm increases the need for recruiting innovators
  7. Boomerangs become a primary target once again
  8. Accepting social media profiles in lieu of resumes opens the door to many passives
  9. The mobile platform continues to be a critical tool
  10. A data-driven approach to operations continues to be the benchmark standard
  11. Live video interviewing steadily grows in acceptance
  12. On-line candidate assessment continues toward the mainstream
  13. Remote work continues to expand the talent pool
  14. Accelerated internal movement is still needed
  15. Retention problems will increasingly impact recruiting
  16. Speed once again becomes essential to remain competitive
  17. Limited resources will require position prioritization
  18. Business volatility makes workforce planning more necessary but more difficult
  19. College recruiting must be reengineered if it is to succeed
  20. The shortage of top recruiters will become evident
  21. Large firms must learn to compete with startups for talent
  22. Finding high-impact technology will still be problematic
  23. Recruitment advertising and the corporate website
  24. Sourcing becomes easier
  25. Underperforming sources need to be deemphasized.Imagehum

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