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The Top 18 Metrics for Recruiting Leaders by John Sullivan via Ere.net

on December 23, 2013



  1. The performance level and dollar impact of your hires
  2. Project delays and missed strategic opportunities as a result of weak recruiting 
  3. Excessive position vacancy days in key positions
  4. New hire failure rate 
  5. Turnover of new hires
  6. Percentage of innovators and game changers hired 
  7. Diversity hires in higher-level positions
  8. Level of candidate availability/quality forecast 
  9. Level of recruiting competition forecast
  10. The talent opportunity forecast 
  11. The unemployment rate forecast
  12. Labor costs forecast
  13. Offer acceptance rate
  14. Source quality usage
  15. Quality of the applicants
  16. Manager/new hire/applicant satisfaction with the process 
  17. Individual recruiter performance 
  18. Employer brand strength





























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