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Best of Best HR predictions; 2014

on December 30, 2013

There won’t be a day in December when you’ll not find on any website, pro-blogger or marketer making his predictions for the year ahead in 2014. So for HR, I’m compiling the list of best of the best predictions available online with respect to their publishing dates. This one goes for all lazy ones like me who prefer sharing good content rather than writing one, if at all asked about preference in choosing one over other. Pun intended and have a blast on your New Year!


  1. The first one to go is Bersin by Deloitte who published the article with heading Human Resources, Learning, and Leadership: Our Ten Predictions for 2014 published on Wednesday, December 18, 2013.

  2. My second favorite would go to fistfuloftalent for coming with their predictions just a day after Bersin on December 19, 2013 titled This Cynic’s Top Ten 2014 Predictions for HR.

  3. Third would be from Forbes who are considered good at forecasting predictions, this also came on December 19th, 2013 titled The Year of the Employee: 10 Predictions For Talent, Leadership, And HR Technology In 2014.

  4. Staying not so far Cornerstoneondemand just made their predictions yesterday which named Jason Corsello: What’s Missing in the Pile of HR Predictions for 2014.
  5. Fifth goes to very aggressive blogging4jobs who made a early forecast on October 2nd 2013 but still relevant to the article named Top 10 HR Predictions for 2014 #HRTechConf.

  6. This one is really interesting by humancapitalist which sounds anti to predictions and even includes this in title The 2014 Anti-Prediction Post for HR Professionals  published on December 23, 2013.

  7. Tlnt catching the pace published their predictions on December 17, 2013 titled Five Predictions for Where HR Technology Is Going in 2014.

  8. It was not possible to exclude most autonomous body on HR i.e. shrm.org who published their article HR Technology Predictions for 2014 on December 23, 2013.
  9. My last would be hrbartender who is doing a fab job, published this on December 4th, 2013 by the name A Bartender’s Predictions for 2014.

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