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5 Features that every Resume Parser should have!

on February 24, 2014
Resume Parser

5 Features

1 Adeptness– An efficient parser must be an HR- XML compliant and should be able to read all common formats in different languages. In precise it should be accurate, multilingual and handles multiple formats. A well built taxonomy can set the benchmark for any parser as a distinguishing factor.

2 Search & Match– If you can run pertinent searches on captured data, there is nothing like it. Simply you get what you want. Recruitment process gets simplified and you are able to produce quality matches for job advertised in no time. We can use this to match jobs to resumes or resumes to jobs. Using this you don’t need to hover thousands of profiles in a day, instead just search the database with right keywords and skills and match the candidate. This single feature provides full capabilities of an enterprise solution.

3 Connect– Now world is going Social and how can Recruitment lag behind. If your parser can source social profiles of the candidate along with resume information, will help organizations save lot of money and valuable time instead of validating it from 3rd party providers. Also you can check whether the candidate is the right cultural fit for the organization or not.

4 Update- There are plenty of old resumes which are not updated in a while and validating them is a tedious job. We can search current info for these resumes from Social Networks, Communities and other online Portals and muster all this as a current profile. This would help you to re-invent your passive resumes.

5 One click automation- What if all what we have discussed above can happen in just one click; simply it will be called technology at its best and that is what differentiates progressive companies from others. It can save a lot of pre-recruitment tasks of a recruiter and give him an ease of time to focus on other core tasks.

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