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5 steps to HR Software

on March 12, 2014
HR Software

5 steps to HR Software

1 Know your requirements viz need, pricing -Read out exactly what requirements are put foreword by HR department and how it can implicate all connected processes in general. Start drawing out use cases which will help you to uncover the real need behind problems.

2 Get educated on its technical aspects.-Once you know your requirement, half of the job is done. Know what technologies are in trend and study their implementations. A good hand on internet research, cross-sectional awareness and referrals can prove useful in this stage. Acquaint yourself with all the stuff available to find the best fix.

3 Find & shortlist the best vendors available – Time for action now. Spreadsheet will help you a lot in this stage; compile a list of vendors available with pricing, features, installation, feasibility and all other contingent factors affecting related processes. Start seeking feedback, referrals or reputation scores about them from industry peers.

4 Demo and Trial set up for evaluation– If you have short-listed the vendors, its time to evaluate them by taking trials of their services. Set up a trial account and go ahead with integration period. This stage will make clear whether your desired solution has any impact or not, else proceed with the next on list. It’s always good to have 3 minimum vendors to procure any solution.

5 Select, approve and payment scheme– Now if you’ve a smooth trial run with the software, time is right to call for the paperwork. Get the approvals from related departments and person in authority. Once you’re done with signatory work put the real people behind the screen i.e. employees. Inform, train and educate them about the software in detail and share tutorials or FAQ about vendor products and services.

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