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The Power of Productivity

on March 27, 2014

Really a interesting read on Productivity. Nice!



Productivity in a workplace can broadly be categorized forthcoming from two sources, one is the self and the other is the support from the RO or team manager. Work management revolves around the degree of challenges and goals an individual sets themselves up for.  Whether you are the CEO, an entrepreneur, at a managerial level or at any other rung in the hierarchy, the challenges are very different and unique. The gamut and scale of professionals in the world are macroscopic, ranging from doctors and dentists to astronauts and astronomers. There are managers, professionals, technicians, sales workers, craft related and skilled workers, assemblers, operators etc. who have individual productivity challenges to contend with. Productivity is directly linked to aspiration, and successful people usually manage their outputs by pertinent goal setting. Clearly communicable and doable goals for self, and the team, whether one is a CEO, entrepreneur, or manager, are indeed…

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