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Pump up the volume

on April 9, 2014

Thoughts of an HR professional in New Zealand


Have you ever sat in a meeting room and looked around the table and thought everyone else knows more than you? Have you ever scored a promotion or a new job and thought “why me?” Ever said to yourself “I’m not really qualified to do this?”

If you have, then you probably suffer from the Imposter Syndrome – a psychological condition where people attribute their success to luck or timing or some other external factor, and believe they will be exposed as a fraud at some point in time.

According to research up to 75% of us feel like that at some point in life.

I have just read a fascinating book called The Imposter Syndrome written by New Zealand’s own Harold Hillman. I say New Zealand’s own, but Harold as actually an American who has lived here since 2003.

I’m not big on self help or coaching texts, but…

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