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Top 5 HR-Reads of the week!

on May 2, 2014
HR blogs, Reads

HR reads of the week

1 ERE.net- Anyone interested in Job board or staffing business must read this. The number game has gone sturdy for everyone in HR business. Expectations from all top 3 in race Monster, Dice and LinkedIn didn’t match the chords with Wall Street investors but Career builder still made 1% increase more than the Q1 last year. If you are fond of number crunching and statistical reads then follow the read here.

2 Ask a manager- Things that don’t matters in your Job search.

¨      Free yourself from Cover Letter myth, it’s not mandatory but all about preferences.

¨      If you don’t know the addressee name then keep it simple.

¨      You can ignore high school on resume. Why not read the complete post!

3 Blogging4jobs- You can expect them to write on any vertical of HR and today they’re mentioning 5 uber-amazing tools meant to rock your Social Media experience. List includes Hootsuite, Flipboard, Bottlenose, Icerocket and IFTTT (if this than that). To know their use-case please visit website.

4 TLNT- One word that brings difference to recruiting is Candidate Experience and when it is coming from an amazing group with Shravan Goli, Johnny Campbell and Steve White, it definitely needs a mention. So what does a candidate finally wants? HOW can we deliver a solid candidate experience without knowing the answer(s) to that question? An exhaustive read to enrich your mind on the topic and read the rest here.

5 HR bartender- Finding Quality candidates has always remained a challenge for every recruiter. They may not fulfill all description for each candidate owing to their quality adherence which really sets their standards. So this read comes at the right time and includes Company reputation, being present where candidates are, completing career website, increasing engagement rate with candidates and keeping job postings simple. I’m sure this isn’t enough for quality but you can have more on the site.

Hope these 5 reads are of interest to you and share the common HR-connection. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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