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Job Board Price Comparison

on June 26, 2014

It is very important for a job board to discover its niche early in the game and capitalize on the same. In the long run if job boards continues to enhance this value, visitors will increase no matter what your posting rates are.



Online job boards have become an important part of company’s employment strategy. It is cheap, easy and fast to advertise jobs online and the potential audience reach is extremely large. Job boards vary from large international websites to specialist job boards, but essentially they all offer the same thing. Online job boards are thriving so it can be difficult knowing which one can work for you. Strike Jobs has decided to take a look at its competitors and see how other job boards compare.

  1. Strike Jobs:

Strike Jobs is an internationaljob board, with over 15,000 jobs worldwide.

Strike Jobs offers a one month free job postings trial for new clients. Free and easy job postings with no over complicated jargon. A friendly team help you set up your trial and will stay in contact over the trial period. Following this you will get the results from…

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