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5 Steps to Choosing your NExt-Staffing Software

on July 20, 2014
Staffing Software, Recruitment

Just 5 Steps away!

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Every company, you name it, wants the best-of- staff appointed on its duty and to ensure this takes place on time invests heavily in recruitment software and solutions. Technology has made it easier for companies to assort tools at one place and evaluate the benefits, they provide. But only with a clear, defined and proven approach this can return you the value. So let’s undermine those factors and dig the dirt deeper:

1 Critical business needs – HR is going to invest in new and replacing technology in the next 2-18 month says Josh Bersin of Deloitte. Companies need to re-evaluate and readjust its approach, strategies and measures to align with industry trends and forecasts. In general, leap of shift is usually difficult in the beginning but with clear action plans, things can be taken to the next level. So ask before investing and look in every direction for product reviews.  Know the real worth of software by analyzing it with your core recruitment process and how better it can be with its implementation. Choose software that does betterment, competitiveness and address the pain area. Be ready with that.

2 Data – Big data has taken industry by storm. No company today is left thinking on ways where it can digest its own data to perform actionable items to get insights, value & hidden power it holds. If applied right, in a big way it can affect your business.  Ask vendor specific questions how the data can be used to derive results and benefit in future. The chosen software should allow to migrate data from one form to the other without an expert required. Keep that simple.

3 Support/ Training – In software cycle, things look good till they are implemented and tested which further adds to the story. Once you have implemented the solution, have a trained staff or personnel so as to ensure smooth execution. Timely assistance and back up of the support team will help avoid patches and ensures seamless adoption by recruiters and team.

4 Positive experience – It all comes to experience and effect it brings upon you today and for business candidate and employers are no different. They want to have an intuitive interface, logical to understand the follows basic human instincts. Recruiters, team and employers they should know what to do next, with that kind of automation, quick results can be deduced.

5 Aggregator– The final thoughts, whether you need a complete suite or a disjointed solution with specific alternatives?  If adopted, it should be easily integratable with existing set-up without many alterations. Tool must accumulate data from all popular sources like resume database, social profiles, online sources, job portals and ATS. Having more and quality data refines intuitions and fosters healthy decision making in organizations.


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