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on July 22, 2014

It was fun reading this post. Indeed informative and apt to HR

Experiences in entrepreneurship

I had always underestimated the importance of recruitment when I was working with large corporations. And that was probably due to these four reasons –

a. Constantly maintaining extra people, resulting in redundancy – so if someone leaves, nothing really breaks down.

b. Overlap between roles, so the absence of a particular team member again does not hurt the system

c. Large corporations usually have aspirational values, so when someone leaves, there are usually a decent number of people in the pipeline who would want to work with that organization.

d. Tendency to create fiefdoms – There have been enough cases of unnecessary recruitment by senior managers just so that they could beef up their personal resumes, highlighting the size of teams they have handled, when actually most of the work could easily be done by half the team present (and this in turn hurts the team members themselves when…

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