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What is Resume Parsing?

on July 31, 2014
Resume Parser

Resume Parsing

This might not be something new but still relevant for Recruitment space. Resume Parsing serves as a bed-rock in all Recruitment campaigns or HR software. As resume is the first point-of-contact between employer and applicant, the real work starts from here. So let’s get to the point straight; what does it actually do?

Resume Parser is a solution that extracts information from resumes, converts it into structured information suitable for storage and insertion back to the database. Mostly run on the cloud based SaaS; it helps you sift thousands of resumes in short span of time. Resume finally gets parsed in different sections like Education, Experience, Skills, Contact details etc that can be easily read and customized by Recruiter. Capability to read multiple languages and handle all popular formats, make it a perfect fit for all geographies.

Having a resume parser has its own benefits. Fewer errors in data gathered as automation helps you get right details for resume avoiding manual entries. Both candidates and employers can engage, interact and utilize this tool and get work done easily. More resume submissions, more candidates and more jobs to be closed, work is everywhere, isn’t it amazing! At the end companies may see a steep rise in their productivity levels after adopting this solution.

In today’s time, everything on the internet is searched on keywords and phrases, so the same goes for resume database. You get to search resumes by keywords easier and faster. Accuracy is the only critical factor while deciding any resume parser as you don’t want to re-check information parsed in the fields or form again. So it’s always better to test the solution on your set of data rather the one provided by he vendor. But the solution is fully worth considering the value of man hours it has replaced, simply effortless.

Owing to its popular adoption, most of the vendors give a free trial before purchase. Reviews and feedbacks can be provided on demand which is also a key factor in decision making. Resume Parser serves the need of every Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Job board and Staffing firm in spite of its low adoption rate. Companies should focus more on core of Recruitment i.e. applicant rather on clerical stuff which can be obviated via CV automation, the next level of Resume Management. Don’t just read follow the link to experience it, Ta-da!

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