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Face-Off; Rchilli vs. Recruitment!

on August 7, 2014
Recruitment & Rchilli

Recruitment & Rchilli

In a number of ways, we’ve been thinking to share our contribution to HR in specific Recruitment. We started with Resume Parsing and eventually took it to CV Analytics; our new product still being incubated will take Recruiting to a next level. Talent War is on the rage and definitely we need to exploit our resume systems to the fullest. This makes your attention start drifting towards automated solutions and that’s where we come in.

The most basic software used to handle applicants is Applicant Tracking Software aka ATS used to manage resumes, track applicants, schedule interview, make arrangements and finally hire them. You can say the entire Hiring cycle is taken care by an ATS which still most of the companies hesitate to use. Well if the right hire makes a difference to your business, it won’t pinch you to pay for the solution upfront. Vision is very important for businesses to supersede in today’s era.

As a component in ATS, we can be used as a Resume Parser which fetches resumes from Email Inbox, Desktop or Bulk Folders, Parses CV information as HR-XML inserted direct into the database as structured information. Being multi-lingual we can read many foreign languages like Chinese, French, Russian, German and 27 other Euro Pass languages. Being equipped with all-doc converter, makes handling of resumes in all popular formats more easy and quick. So you don’t need to work on the basics, everything is automated and plugged nicely in your existing system but where’s the next level?

Rchilli’s CV Automation is the next level i.e. Parse, Connect, Search-Match, Update Resumes in One Click. We unleash the real talent hidden under your CV database by automation. Matching jobs to resumes or finding jobs for resumes, lot easier, quicker and cheaper, all integrated in a single solution. Each component works in unison to put the best man on the job. Your speed of hiring next drastically improves. How? Let us answer that as well.

1 Parsing straight from apply now page. Candidate submissions in seconds.

2 Social Profiles of applicants sourced directly to your database. No need of opening links or changing browser, just validate the info on resumes with that of profiles. Intelligent and Intuitive hiring promised.

3 Resume Database connected with Semantic Search-Match technology to get best resume skimmed out and match with the skill advertised in the job description.

4 Update your passive resumes with information mustered via online social profiles. Fresh info, new resumes with more probability of placing people to right jobs i.e. new business.

5 All that said connected in a single workflow called One click, uber-amazing!

Rchilli knows what it takes to put the best man on a job.


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