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Why you need one; ATS?

on October 28, 2014

Why you need one; Applicant Tracking System


It is always about man-behind the machines so as for Recruitment. The person hiring the applicant on screen has to read tirelessly thousand of resumes in a day and with the responsibility of picking the right one, every time it comes on the screen. Really a tough job! We’ll Recruiters do every day.

So does ATS has an answer to this? Many of us are using it already so why the fuss now?

It’s an interesting thing with technology that keeps inventing new solutions now-and-then and saves our time. We don’t have any idea, how the spared time can help us build a strong talented workforce that loves to work with the companies longer.

Omitting the manual data-based work on resumes such as resume screening, extraction, parsing and figuring-out the right guy by a machine makes more sense. That is what ATS is here for. Let us see what best we can do in that spared time:

1 Productivity increases while Recruiting
Recruiters can work more closely with the existing team and maintain a strong bond with workforce that otherwise is a time-consuming task which usually hiring managers don’t have. So we give you the time to talk every day and leave Resume Management to ATS. CV Automation is the next-big-thing of Recruitment, by its unified workflow CV management has got easier and simpler. Just connect the API’s and let the ATS run the show.

2 Enhances Employee Morale and Engagement
When the participation comes from HR Managers, employees feel appreciated and look forward to contributing in the process. This makes workforce engaged with a higher participation rate. More people speak about what they think, HR can grasps the desired changes to bring. ATS can give you all the time in a universe you want for this activity. Time to step-up and raise the bar.

3 Helps Re-instate Employer Brand
When all above starts happening, your company tend to differentiates on being an engaged, active and talented workforce. Word of mouth spreads and more applicants start approaching your software. With ATS in place, each candidate gets an uniform response and later as per his capabilities is asked to switch levels of selection based on his responses.

Companies can skim thousand of applicant’s databases to finally get the one they wish to keep and ATS lets you keep him as soon as feasible and possible. To see how it goes take the trial of any ATS or let us do the talking for you.

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