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5 Really Different Job boards To Suit Your Jobsearch!

on November 5, 2014
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Job boards & Jobsearch

Putting an end to debate, whether job boards are finished or still in the game, I would rather say they are. As for companies, everyone does their kind of work same goes for job boards. Still facing tussle from LinkedIn they’ve not quit yet, still in the race, finding their unique niche, industry strength and targeted approach which still earns them the living. Let’s start naming them:

Salespost.co.uk just sharing their stats with the world today on twitter, they’ve made progress in every way by ensuring more than 35 K candidates register on their site. Mobile has contributed to their growth which results more web traffic.  You won’t mind going through the stats below:

R8jobs just starting the journey with fresh legs, looks quite impressive and determined in getting good jobs to all the candidates registered. Is that it? No, still continuing aggressively in their social campaigns, there are here to stay and in fashion. Keep Going!

Getsojo , a really cute name for the ones who makes you look good. Yes I’m talking about salon people. Finally for them a good job board has come up placing the right manpower on jobs. Website is dynamic and interface is really clean which will surely attract more visitors to get registered.

Thehirers , slowly but steadily treading the journey is this next breed of job boards coming up that definitely needs a mention on the list. Jobseekers especially in India need to try this one out. Your next job might be waiting for you, so don’t wait just try!

Employmentladder to take jobseekers to their dream places of work. Isn’t it a noble job and ufcourse you get good money for that. Let’s leave the gratitude part aside and delve into their distinct attributes; placing of jobs, easy sign up, clear categories and swift responses is making them catch the bus, talent seeking and management.

Don’t break the chain here. Just go out and see the really reasons why they’re making the difference. And if they aren’t, rant on me in the comments section below. I’m surely seeking some engagement thing on my blog. Spread the word by sharing.

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