RChilli, with its scalable solution, is committed to be World’s No. 1 Resume Parsing and Analysis Company.

Rchilli Empowering Recruitment Software’s

on November 20, 2014
Recruiters Software

Recruiting Software

We’re empowering Recruitment Software’s with a perfect tool to Recruit via CV Automation.

1 Auto-fill forms on client website. Quick candidate resume submission. Send resumes back to DB.

2 Can fetch resumes in Bulk/Batch from email inbox, files, folders, desktop. Accurately parse cv info back to CRM.

3 Source Social Profiles info and show them as unique tab in Applicant Profile. Give fuel to Social Recruiting.

4 Semantic Search-Match to find the best applicant suiting job needs, skills, education, experience & background.

5 Updating old passive resumes with new info mustered, hence more scope of engaging candidates again.

In totality, ultimate candidate experience and peace of mind to recruiters, what else they can ask for. Let us do the automation and you just Recruit.

We do CV Automation i.e. Resume Management in just One-Click to get the best man on job.

We Parse resumes, Source Social Profiles of applicant, enables Semantic Search-Match on multiple CV databases, Update passive resumes with new info plus Analytics to refine your hiring intellect.

We just let Recruiters do what they are best in – Recruiting leaving all paperwork to us.

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