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Best 10 ATS of the year 2014

on December 8, 2014

Best 10 ATS

There are numerous ATS providers today in the market catering different business needs of small-big or medium organizations today but successful are the ones who knows what type of ATS works best for them. As it may take some time for you to evaluate the solution completely, should not be the excuse to go for any particular one.

Straight to the list!

1 BambooHR– By offering lot of training videos, they’ve made the tool adoption really quick and easy. Viewing the interface as an employee apart from admin is pleasure to watch that ensures different level of security built-in. Customizations are quick to make with assistance from responsive support team. Time clock is another feature on the wishlist, which I hope will be provided shortly. @bamboohr

2 Resumator– Unlimited jobs plus system users is a feature that user is most happy about after resume screening and internal communication. Its easy to use, post jobs and track applicants on the go. Tracking the complete lifecycle of an applicant in this system is its USP. Managers can easily review all the candidates from a single dashboard. @TheResumator

3 Jobvite– If you believe in one-stop shop for your recruitment needs, then this solution is most appropriate which is easy to maneuver, simple search on database and swift navigation. Resume search, internal communication streamlines the Recruiting function. @Jobvite

4 iCIMS– By coming out of Mobile version recently, they’ve strike the right chord with Recruiters, must say. Ease of use, timely support responses and keeping all updates for everyone on same version are benefits while using this software. Reports are easily available for hunting the down the right candidates. @iCIMS

5 Greenhouse– With most things already in self-explanatory mode, it is very easy to adopt. You can even customize this ATS with that of your team’s interview process. Intuitive as compared to other systems, you can easily track timing on feedback loops, interviewer engagement and candidate pipelines. @Greenhouse

6 Zoho Recruit– Its integrated solution allows recruiters to streamline the recruitment process right from Sourcing, Tracking to Hiring. It helps recruiting professionals to spend less time on the process and paperwork and more time doing what they do best: getting the right candidate. @zohorecruit

7 Smart Search– If looking to improve your recruiting process tremendously, must try this tool. You can search, store, coordinate and look up information on candidates, clients easily. Introducing webinars to equip the team with product know-how is a step forward in easy adoption of the software.

8 ResuWe– You’ll simply adore the interface, once you start using it. Quick & seamless integration with your career page represents clients as a more professional organization. Owing to responsive team, it is easy to put all recruiting applications at one place. Clients are able to identify top applicants for open positions quickly with minimal recruiting costs. @resuwe

9 Lumesse– With service offered throughout the period of tool adoption, it is easy to configure and deploy. Buying them, you can maximize the functionality for which you purchased the tool. This tool helps you to attract more visitors for open positions. @Lumesse

10 Saba– Excellent knowledge base across customers enables good support on base product. It’s a full suite solution that gracefully manages and integrates objects. Saba empowers with innovative social and mobile capabilities that further transform, simplify and optimize strategic talent management processes.  @SabaSoftware

NEXT! Go-out and try these tools and let us know which one is your favorite.


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