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The Best 10 HR Blogs To Follow In 2015

on December 16, 2014
Top HR Blogs

The Best 10 HR Blogs

As now we reach to the year end, let’s focus our energies on possibilities, growth, progress and development that coming year holds for every one of us. For HR professionals, we bookmark you 10 best blogs to be added on your watch-list for next year. Surely, these blogs are the best information source to stay updated on modern HR issues, matters, techniques and paraphernalia. Now, let’s get to the list straight!

1 Ask a Manager– Allison Green tells it anyway, what you hesitate to ask about HR. She blatantly shares his personal opinion on HR related matters and answers quite a bit interesting questions on the blog. Must to read to know what’s on the mind of staff!

2 ERE.net– The all-in-one Recruiting Intelligence and Recruiting Community for HR professionals. Started as an online gathering place for Recruiters to network, share best practices and learn from each other. Apart from blog, annual conferences are also held.

3 HR Bartender– Sharlyn Lauby brings her 20 years of professional HR experience on the blog. The blog focuses on the topic not limited to HR but relate to workplace issues as well. Popular subjects are leadership, management, customer service and office politics.

4 Smart Recruiters– Their mission is to disrupt the entire staffing industry. Working with one simple goal i.e. makes hiring easy, help businesses get the talent that drives success to them and to help people find a job they love.

5 The Undercover Recruiter– No. 1 career blog of UK & Europe, whose aim is to please recruiters, HR, jobseekers and anyone in the career industry. Blog covers each and every story relating to recruitment, interviewing, social networking and personal branding.

6 Talent Culture– welcomes the world of work at crossroads of Talent and Culture. Here people share their passion for innovation, commitment to collaboration, and desire to advance the “world of work”. They stand as metaphor for the social workplace.

7 Recruiting Blogs– You just name it, they have got a post about it. The soul of HR belongs to them. Even the readers can contribute to blog, just create your account and start publishing. You’ll enjoy reading posts on various topics here.

8 Blogging4jobs– The website holds opinions of all prominent HR specialists present on circuit today. It would be very apt to say about them, they know the HR in-and-out. Naming a few, Jessica Miller-Merrell, Blake Mccammon, Rayanne tops the list.

9 TLNT– website covers Talent management and human resources anywhere. Abbreviated for Talent, website provides timely and original information to HR and management professionals. Regular contribution from experts is made on the blog.

10 HRE online The premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR. The blog provides key decision makers of big corporations with news, profiles of HR visionaries and success stories of human resource innovators. Stories cover all aspects of HR.


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