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Job Boards To Watch Out -This Week!

on January 12, 2015
Job boards to watch

Job Board this week!

1 Jobsuma – Jobsuma is the largest job search engine for students and graduates. With a query search, JOBSUMA gets hundreds of job boards and career sites of companies according to your job. Your advantage: You save a lot of time and get maximum many jobs. From now on, you no longer have to countless job boards according to student jobs, part-time jobs, promotion jobs, summer jobs, internships, volunteer, or trainee graduate jobs search, but can be done JOBSUMA the simple. With a search JOBSUMA browsing the network according to your job. @JOBSUMA

2 MyJobHub– MyJobHub is a group of almost 100 job boards which all share a unique piece of software which ties them all together. Job seekers can visit any one of these sites and find Industry or Geographically specific vacancies or visit Myjobhub.com and find every vacancy in one place. Hence, our motto; “Find and be found”. Two groups of people use our software, people that want to find jobs, and people that want to find Candidates. @MyJobHubcom

3 SureJobz– The uniqueness in this system and what sets it apart from other similar systems is that there will surely be jobs for members and not just another frustrating freelance bidding systems or expert matches fraught with ambiguity. The SureJobz team has robust skills and years of experience behind them with the needed drive to see this portal grow to benefit service Buyers, Sellers and advertisers. @SureJobz

4 CSS Recruiting– The Center for shared services has built a house for subject matter experts and entrepreneurs of nonprofit network. Now they share professional talent in house with free market mission-driven organizations so they can peruse their vision without any scarcity of resources i.e. free from limitation. @CSS_Recruiting

5 Inzejob– French brings to you news of employment and recruitment. Applying for many jobs, submit your resume, get career advice and find everything that makes the news of the job. Exclusive login for recruiters where you can have access to CV database. Just sign up for the service and find the best match to fill open positions in your company.  @inzejob


Do try these job boards and share your views, experience. Tell us what we’re missing in this post and how can it be improved. Waiting for the responses.


2 responses to “Job Boards To Watch Out -This Week!

  1. Alexander says:

    Thanks for adding Surejobz.com. We are poised to make a difference in online freelancing.

  2. We wish you the very best to find your niche in online freelancing and make your contributions count.

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