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Optimize Recruitment with CV Automation

on April 20, 2015

Rchilli Cv automation

How RChilli CV Automation Solutions are helping Companies to optimize their Recruitment Process.

Resume Management

Resume parser API is a Resume Management Software. When a candidate sends their resumes, it is very difficult to manage for a recruiter, the format of Resumes in doc, Xls, RTF, etc. So we, RChilli made sophisticated resume management software named Resume parser API that is not much expensive! The software stores the information in XML format. The benefit of this Format is to collect resumes in one place, can easily share feedback of the candidate with team & track candidate. Resume parser API Can be used for multiple purposes like for job-boards, Careers, referral in recruiters.

A recruiter can collect applications no matter where they source CV’s either at multiple or one critical place. Finally, there is one place recruiter can see all the candidates. Recruiters can easily use it, collect feedback from the candidates & after the interview Recruiter can easily rank that candidate accordingly whether he/she is the best fit or not…

Social Recruiting

Social media has become one of the world’s most popular outlets to inform and establish connect with the people. But when the candidate sends their resume & mention their current city XYZ, and then how a recruiter can trust on that information. May be candidate whatsoever he is mentioning on their resume is totally wrong. So to check & to enhance the clarity for the recruiter, RChilli introduces the technology named Social Profile Search. With using this tool, the Information is parsed into various fields like first name, the current place shown on candidate’s profile in social tab.

With the help of Social Profile search,

  • A recruiter can keep the cost low and provide a little extra information about your candidate.
  • It helps you to promote Organization Brand and attracting top talents to work with you.
  • You also get the ideal fit as per Culture, Social and other factors concerning organization.

Semantic Search

This is the third series of RChilli about the future of Recruiting. Semantic Search seeks to improve the search accuracy. The role of semantic in recruitment means RChilli Provides a Search tab like a Google Search Tab where you can find the best match related to your search & Enhances search capabilities and improves ability to recognize, rank and rate talent.

Match Technologies understand the differences between job descriptions and candidate resumes. Therefore, it lets you find the outstanding candidates easily. The benefits include:

  • Matches your job description with resumes and gives the accurate results.
  • It helps you in reading, analyzing and plotting Candidate’s potential in depth.
  • Matches skill desired with skills provided and automatically identify related skills.
  • Skill mapping, Talent extraction and Proficiency in finding best matches are other benefits.

One-Click Apply

One-click Apply is akin to its name that you can enhance the functionality of Resume Management, Social Profile Search & Semantic Search in just one click. With a simple click on that button, you can extract candidate’s information from the resume, classify them in different fields and view them as unique candidate profiles for each resume parsed. The benefits include:

  • Affects your concurrent process by rich features like managing workflow, controlling and storing resumes in exhaustive manner.
  • Un-tangle your TMS (Talent Management System) into simple, clear and accurate system with RChilli.
  • A perfect fit for all companies independent of its size managing resumes.




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