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Recruitment Software Types 2015

on April 27, 2015
Recruitment Software Types 2015

Recruitment Software Types 2015

In the Market, you have to review dozens of different recruitment solutions for the small and medium enterprises. Recruitment software is today’s need of every Recruiter. We examined multiple recruitment software packages that help you post jobs, track applicants, conduct interviews, and bring the right person on board.  It is a logical workflow not only use for the Recruiters but also for small and medium enterprises.

Let’s get the best recruitment software that are proven, well-maintained, and being actively developed. 

1) Resume Parser:

The Conversion of a Resume into Structured Information is easy to store, analyze & manipulate by a computer. This Way Recruiter saves countless minutes of data entry time.

Most Common CV Format is MS word that is in the human readable document; Human can quickly read and Understand but for a computer they are just a long string, letters, figures and punctuation.

A CV parser is a program that extracts essential details of resume that is education, the work history, the contact information, e-mail, and skills.

Key Measurements:

  • Accuracy
  • Coverage
  • Close to Real Time
  • Support AS-IS Situation
  • Fast Acceptance from the user

2)    ATS:

An ATS Stands for Applicant Tracking System. ATS helps to recruit the people. When your resume comes into the system or Recruiters upload their resume via E-mail, then ATS scanned their resume for keywords such as skills, years of experience, education & more. And then rank that resume accordingly to the certain criteria. There are numbers of recruitment agencies or major corporations with in-house recruitment, but they don’t use the same criteria. But almost all recruitment agencies and most major companies use some form of applicant tracking system to handle job postings, applicants, resumes, interviews.

An ATS has caused many to adapt the resume optimization technology similar to those used in SEO when creating & formatting their Resume. Applicant tracking systems have the advantage of lower costs and increased accessibility. Engaging your hiring managers during the recruitment process has the advantage of reducing the cost and time to hire candidates. Take benefit of the vast numbers of candidates using the cloud-based Applicant Tracking Model.

Key Measurements:

  • SaaS model based on per resume.
  • High accurate results.
  • Extract Resume into more Valuable Fields.

3) Psychometric Test:

Psychometric Testing measures a candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses. For organizations, recruitment consultants and human resources professionals looking to assess candidates for employee selection or development. It contains numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and diagrammatic reasoning tests. Situational judgment tests used as an initial screening for the biggest graduate scheme employers. Companies can use Psychometric Test for:

Job Performance.

Organization Performance


Return on investment


4) Video Interviews:

Video Interviews are a new spark in the recruitment method. As hiring becomes more global, both for employers and candidates, video interviewing is a way to expedite the interview process. Video interviews allow both candidates and employers to fell on valuable time and money. Instead of fighting traffic to make a necessary  interview, candidates can open up their webcams and achieve the job of their dreams.

Key Measurements:

  • Live Interview.
  • Multi-language Support.
  • Scalable and Global.

 5) Career Site Management:

If you have a career site you will design, build and host your job site. You can focus on your Branding, positioning and sharing jobs across the web, Publish openings to search engines & social media, getting consolidated applies and shortlist them.

Key Measurements:

  • First-hand Information.
  • Mobile Recruiting
  • Employment SEO
  • Social Recruiting
  • Custom Design
  • Branded Website.

Once you implement this Recruiting software, It can make your life easier, finding the best software for your need can be as difficult as finding the right candidate for that open position. We’ve created this guide to help you sort Recruitment Software based on your unique needs not on general.



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