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Top 10 HR Technology Influencers In 2015

on May 1, 2015


@billkutik – Bill Kutik is the “Father” of the HR Technology Conference, and as brains behind the operation, his tweets are required reading for attendees, vendors and anyone interested in the evolution of the technologies powering the new world of work today – and tomorrow.

@imsosarah– The eponymous founder of consulting firm Accelir has built a career — and reputation — as one of the most forward thinking and innovative analysts work in the HR Technology space. Her intimate knowledge of the products and players shaping our industry is first-rate — as is her devotion to extending and informing the candidate experience conversation.

Henry “Hank” Jackson – President and CEO of SHRM – Hank Jackson leads the largest professional association for HR – the Society of Human Resource Management. Although I love HR, it’s not the sexiest profession and thousands of us together can be a bit uninspiring but Hank is turning things around. He’s encouraging SHRM members and HR professional to be social and use technology to make HR more appealing to the new generation. From the HR Magazine to State and National Conferences, Jackson is making HR fun again – you may say he’s bringing sexy back.

@kris_dunn – CHRO at Kinetix. Founder of of HR Capitalist & Fistful of Talent – Of course we had to add a social presence to this group. In addition to creating Fistfull of Talent (FOT) a multi-contributor website with a team of great HR and Marketing professionals, he also blogs at HR Capitalist. Kris is always creating new content, such as webinars and eBooks to help drive the message of process improvement and talent management. He’s also part of the “Candidate Experience Council”.

@fishdogs – almost universally known as “Fishdogs” – is CEO of TalentNet. Although Fisher is not always the most active tweeter on Twitter, but he’s an influencer no less. His company, is also worthy of following, as they offer plenty for recruiters there. 

@BobCorlett – is a human resources expert based in Washington, DC. He’s an executive search consultant for small-to-mid-size organizations. Bob is also on the editorial board from The HR Examiner. Bob’s an “old hat” at recruiting, hiring, and developing employees. His advice is sound and his approach practical. Many in HR could learn a lot from Bob.

@SteveBoese – His former role as Director of Talent Management Strategy for Oracle and current gig as co-organizer of the annual HR Technology Conference would be enough to help make Steve Boese one of the most influential players in talent technology, but it’s his countless side gigs (including HREvolution co-founder, HR Happy Hour host, the brains behind a brilliant blog, etc.) that have the biggest impact — and influence — on the HR Technology conversation.

@dhassell – is the CEO of 15Five, an amazing tool for employee feedback. The premise is, employees take 15 minutes to fill out a report of what they did this week, and managers can quickly read the results in five minutes. That frequent communication between employees and managers is so important for engagement.

@RonFriedman – Ph.D. is a social psychologist who specializes in human motivation. He is the author of The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace, and writes regularly for FastCompany, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review. He also founded Ignite80, a consulting firm helping leaders build extraordinary workplaces.

@humanworkplace – is the founder and CEO of Human Workplace. She writes about leadership, personal branding, recruiting, HR practices and life in the new-millennium workplace on Business week, Forbes, the Huffington Post, and Harvard Business Review.


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