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Meet the Ultimate Recruitment Software via CV Automation

on May 5, 2015

Rchilli – Your Search Ends Here

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Recruitment has never been an easy task, until now. It is a shame that up to now, recruitment agencies and even hiring companies do not maximize the potential of their hiring process. The conventional way of screening through thousands of resumes, manually encoding fields, segregating shortlisted applicants, and selecting the final candidate have reached a stalemate. Thankfully, recruitment is given new life, thanks to CV Automation by Rchilli. With RChilli, the entire process of hiring and recruitment is done by one simple, yet very powerful software.

Rchilli’s powerful yet user-friendly software is a complete, one-stop shop for all recruitment needs. It has the most advanced Parsing techniques, with the ability to extract up to 74 fields from submitted resumes. With support for multiple languages, cloud storage, and even a document converter, all the important information contained in CVs are placed in one powerful HR-XML based database.

Rchilli does not stop here. It understands that resumes do not tell the entire story of a candidate. Thus, the Rchilli system seamlessly integrates candidates’ social media profiles to give HR agencies and hiring companies a clearer glimpse of the candidates. A dedicated Social Tab is available, containing the candidates’ information extracted from their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media accounts.

To add to this, RChilli’s Search & Match feature guarantees that the closest, most qualified candidate is selected to fill in a job post. This powerful tool allows hiring bodies to select more qualified candidates in less time, saving time, effort and money all in one click.

Old resumes are ensured that they are updated with Rchilli’s Update feature. The most current information on candidates is integrated on passive CVs, thus converting old CVs into updated, current profiles. This ensures that even if candidates have not submitted updated CVs in a while, they will still be given due consideration, thanks to Rchilli’s powerful CV updating prowess.

All these features are vital for any HR agency or hiring company, but just how easy can this be done? Is Rchilli user-friendly, thus usable by even the most novice of users? The answer is a resounding YES. With just one click, Rchilli’s powerful database does its work for you.

Recruitment has never been an easy task, until now. Thanks to Rchilli, the best candidates are selected for the premier jobs, and HR agencies and hiring companies save resources while hiring them.

That’s a benefit for all.

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