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Time for CV Parser to Get Social

on June 16, 2015

CV Parsing

Is this new to you or you’re also on the social ride of Recruitment. Halt! Candidates have gone smarter & know where they are going. With the improved access to Internet technology & a plethora of tools available, they’re able to market themselves & get the right jobs in time. How? Via Social remains the answer.

Even passive candidates look for the job suited to his ability to the growth of social channels has given wings to networking.

Recruiters have gone in circles for improving the candidate experience, hiring for long term & maximizing recruitment inputs. Candidates today, don not hanker about money instead crave for experience, culture and learning that can be showcased throughout social media.

Time is right for you to leverage Social Recruiting to build talent pools as a global Recruiting function, thereby improving the quality of hire, especially for critical jobs. Staffing firms are laser focus on how they attract and engage the talent they seek.

Social Parser not only gets you the information written on CV but the links to applicant’s social profiles where the suitability of a candidate can easily be determined out. Recruiters easily cross-check the information written on CV with that on Social Profiles. This saves a heck of a time for the team to focus on other areas of HR.
It does streamline the entire recruitment process along the way and delve on hiring only best matches for the open positions. Social Parser can be your help mate in fuelling your Social Recruiting campaigns.

Recruitment is by far your biggest expense and the cost of getting it wrong can hurt. It is also something that every employer is interested but rarely accepts it. Social Parser makes candidates easily approachable and a close look on your recruitment efforts. HRtech teams today painstakingly spend time to sort Social Recruiting tool for their Recruitment systems but there can’t be anything simpler than a social resume parser that is easily integrated, standard HR-XML format and with complete documentation provided.

Social Parser culminates existing Recruitment facilities to overhaul the capability to handle a staggering amount of candidate data and give immersive Social experience to Staffing teams and firms.


One response to “Time for CV Parser to Get Social

  1. The social profiles do have a great say in the description of the candidate and which can help to evaluate and match their profiles with those mentioned on their CV.

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