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Implications of No Automation

on July 21, 2015
Recruitment Automation

Automation in Recruitment

Hiring Managers should be wary of the cost of a bad hire as it may impact the other sides of businesses as well. Not only they damage your work culture but put dents on your Employer Brand as well. That’s why we say, start right, straight from the start. Manage resumes well and make the best of the use of information extracted, using Semantic and Social.

Few stats to consider:

1. In 2012-2014, cost efficiency dominated the discussion with C-level executives, and today the focus has shifted to improving alignment with customers and gaining greater insights using analytics.

2. Enabling mobile workforces nearly tripled from 15% in 2012 to 42% today.

3. Over the next three years, the majority of enterprises senior executives forecast between 21 to 30% of applications will be SaaS-based.

4. 57% of enterprises expect their budget to increase the most for Adobe, Salesforce (43%) and LinkedIn (38%) apps in the next twelve months.

5. Average cost compensated per year for the wrong hire can be computed anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000.

The choice is yours. Select savings over losses and enhance your Recruiting systems with automation now.

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