RChilli, with its scalable solution, is committed to be World’s No. 1 Resume Parsing and Analysis Company.

ROI of Automation

on July 29, 2015

Considering the rise of Automation over the past few years, Recruiters are continuously becoming more comfortable with Automation Systems. With an easy one-time setup, automated System run seamlessly, Save time and money.

While it may seem more fortunate to run a Recruitment System, learning how to optimize your Automation efforts can prove to be an invaluable part of your brand’s entire Recruitment.

We’re thrilled to introduced Cloud-based Services, a new version of total recruitment platform.

We released these exciting new capabilities to help you do recruitment better, and we are sharing all the details about cloud-based services.

  • How we’ve redefined Social Recruiting to increase hires by 30%.
  • The most trusted parser available that measure source of hire consistently, systematically and agnostically.
  • How you can personalize workflows with dynamic content that drive higher applicant conversion rates.

Let’s talk more on this? Would like to call +1-877-572-7737 or email us at sales@rchilli.com, conveniently.


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