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Applicant Tracking News

on August 27, 2015

Where the heck is applicant tracking systems Going?

Do you’ve any idea, In 2015, largest applicant tracking systems have a little more finesse. The entire process of reviewing and evaluating resumes is evolving so fast. You must acclimate to the new reality of candidate screening if you hope to move past resume screening software and onto the interview. Isn’t it inspiring for the entire industry!

Waves of change are coming, and we’ve to admit it.

1. Survey says 57% of HR practitioners plan to implement new technology in 2015. Read More

2. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Market to Grow at 11.37% by 2018. Read More

3. 73% of recruiters planning to invest more time and money on social recruiting. Read More

4. 56% of respondents globally confirming that a good employer brand helps with recruiting. Read More

5. Recruiting will increasingly rely on hard number based data to make decisions. Read More

Stay tuned for our next email. Till then see ya!



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