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Unique Features of ATS

on August 27, 2015


Let’s face it: 52% of US employers still struggling to hire staff.

Applicant Tracking Systems are the rule rather than the privilege anymore. You might want to know why some ATSs are successful and why a lot of them struggles to gain traction. In this email, we’ll try to cover some hit-tactics that made ATS shoot up their revenues. Find them below:

1) 77% of job seekers use smartphones to find jobs, If your current applicant tracking system does not support smartphone and mobile access, then you are ignoring a key recruitment channel.

2) 50% of US employees are telecommuting, If your ATS is not cloud-enabled, but you currently have or could avail from a mobile recruiting team, then it would be a great time to enhance to cloud-enabled the software.

3) 38% of companies don’t even report on recruitment, It is time to consider updating to a new applicant tracking system as most advanced systems come with powerful reporting capabilities and certain recruitment metrics which will save you significant time and give the recruiting department greater visibility.

4) 55% of Recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on their social media profile.

5) And the last but the most effective, get specific and targeted. Discover your niche.

Do you agree, with all the above? Will it make any difference in, how you run your ATS? Would love to hear. Please hit reply and let your suggestions amuse us. Looking Forward.



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