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In pursuit of technology

on April 20, 2016

A distinct perspective to look at the lighter side of HR. How technology can be friends with HR with no strings attached, this article can gift you a perspective.

The HR Business Partner Story

If technology was the solution to our problems, we’d be far closer to wrapping our heads around it than we are today. The evil truth is that it’s not. Technology is an enabler and that is the sole reason the HR fraternity has been able to maintain a safe distance and get away with it. Today, given the pace at which the world is moving ahead, we need every enabler that ever existed by our side and NOW! Technology without doubt is one of the biggest enablers out there.

Technology & HR isn’t a new synergy. We’ve been talking about technology for over a decade and the options available are overwhelming. The good news is that we don’t need all of it. The bad news is that we do need some of it and the worse news is that we’re struggling to identify what we need and what we don’t…

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