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ATS Implications

Recruiters should be wary of the cost of a bad hire as it may impact the other sides of businesses as well. Not only they damage your work culture but put dents on your Employer Brand as well. That’s why we say, start right, straight from the start. Manage resumes well and make the best use of information extracted, Using Applicant Tracking Systems.

1. The results of a study of Germany’s largest 1,000 business enterprises (response rate 13.1 %) reveal that business process analysis, business process improvement and the usage of applicant tracking systems reduce recruiting process costs.

2. The Wall Street Journals reports that resume screening software use is widespread among larger companies to the tune of the “high 90 percent range.” It indicates that finding a Fortune 500 company that doesn’t employ application tracking systems would be exceptionally rare today.

3. Today some industry experts estimate that 80% of all companies, large and small, rely on the computerized ATS as the first reader for every resume received from any source.

The choice is yours. Select savings over losses and enhance your Recruiting systems with automation now.


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Hiring Troubles for ATS

For the appearance of a perfect candidate, Applicant Tracking System is a new idea to allow organizations to determine which candidates may be a match for a distinct position, based on their resume.

As a result, Rchilli is empowering this solution to help enterprises’ engage and hire the best talent in a meaningful way that makes an actual impact on business.

You’ve been in business for a long time but still not able to figured-out what’s the difference between Successful and less sucessful of ATS Solutions. How does a small company become successful?

For small and medium-sized employers, the success of any applicant tracking system depends mainly on three critical factors.

1 A Successful Activation
2 Modern Usability
3 Great Customer Support

We bet, you’ll drift your recruitment strategies. To cover all, you must download it here. So here’s the chance, to make a fresh start and offer, what’s being missed in your Organization.


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ATS Trends 2015

Over the years, Software Advice has talked with hundreds of organizations thinking about buying applicant tracking software. HRzone analyzed past buyers’ pain points and reasons for switching to new software to gauge trends in buying behavior.

Is your organization struggling with any of the below issues:

1. Social Media, Employee referrals, and online talent networks.

2. Building an end-to-end workforce management solution.

3. Assessments and video interviewing.

4. Web-based and mobile-first platforms.

Keep yourself top on the list by reading our whitepaper, Because these trends impact their operations in coming years. Access here.

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Rchilli Contribution To ATS

Are you losing sleep over your recruiting efforts?

We can help you. Let us know what you need to focus on to make sure you hire the best talent by choosing one or more from these options.

1. Proactively sourcing and pipelining the best passive candidates from ATS.

2. Re-discover your ATS’s Candidate experience with Social Profile Search.

3. An efficient resume handling in ATS with powerful Parser at the core.

5. Semantic enables quick search-match to get the best talent first and fast from ATS.

6. In the end, Re-define the job application process and take clicks to minimal in ATS.

Isn’t it amazing. Your Organization becomes delighted in using your ATS; the favorite place for both employers and job seekers. And that would keep up in the race of HR Software.

Enough said already. Let’s discuss, how we can upgrade your ATS to the next-generation. Call here.


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Applicant Tracking News

Where the heck is applicant tracking systems Going?

Do you’ve any idea, In 2015, largest applicant tracking systems have a little more finesse. The entire process of reviewing and evaluating resumes is evolving so fast. You must acclimate to the new reality of candidate screening if you hope to move past resume screening software and onto the interview. Isn’t it inspiring for the entire industry!

Waves of change are coming, and we’ve to admit it.

1. Survey says 57% of HR practitioners plan to implement new technology in 2015. Read More

2. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) Market to Grow at 11.37% by 2018. Read More

3. 73% of recruiters planning to invest more time and money on social recruiting. Read More

4. 56% of respondents globally confirming that a good employer brand helps with recruiting. Read More

5. Recruiting will increasingly rely on hard number based data to make decisions. Read More

Stay tuned for our next email. Till then see ya!


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Unique Features of ATS


Let’s face it: 52% of US employers still struggling to hire staff.

Applicant Tracking Systems are the rule rather than the privilege anymore. You might want to know why some ATSs are successful and why a lot of them struggles to gain traction. In this email, we’ll try to cover some hit-tactics that made ATS shoot up their revenues. Find them below:

1) 77% of job seekers use smartphones to find jobs, If your current applicant tracking system does not support smartphone and mobile access, then you are ignoring a key recruitment channel.

2) 50% of US employees are telecommuting, If your ATS is not cloud-enabled, but you currently have or could avail from a mobile recruiting team, then it would be a great time to enhance to cloud-enabled the software.

3) 38% of companies don’t even report on recruitment, It is time to consider updating to a new applicant tracking system as most advanced systems come with powerful reporting capabilities and certain recruitment metrics which will save you significant time and give the recruiting department greater visibility.

4) 55% of Recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on their social media profile.

5) And the last but the most effective, get specific and targeted. Discover your niche.

Do you agree, with all the above? Will it make any difference in, how you run your ATS? Would love to hear. Please hit reply and let your suggestions amuse us. Looking Forward.


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Applicant Tracking Success Stories

The aim of any HR Solution vendor is to increase profits and value with reduced time, that is more fruitful, innovative and delivers high-value products/services for customers and markets around the world.

So how can we work together for the growth of your Business? Probably, you’ve got the answer. But I”m sharing the Growth story of leading Applicant Tracking System provider that came and conquered the Recruitment Software Industry. In fact, still dominating the larger part of it. Here it is through infographics:

So where are you heading? What about your story?

We really want you to become one. Find out how!

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Recruiters’ Mistakes

Recruiters' MistakesRecruitment is a big business for HR and Recruiting industry. Most Recruiters struggle to recruit the right people. The vast majority of recruiters spend their valuable time meeting many candidates for their open positions.They are just seeking to keep up with the best Talent. Recruiting in a competitive marketplace is never running to be simple but it can far less irritating than it currently is. Sometimes some recruiters play few tricks as well as do common mistakes, just to make a good impression.

There are plenty of mistakes a recruiter do. Seldom these mistakes are tough to recognize and even harder to learn to avoid.

Mistake 1: Recruiters make the mistake when advertising open positions

The key to writing good ads is to grab the candidates’ attention, but sometimes job ad may not work well. Now the question arises Why?And where are you lacking?

Either on Job Title: This is the first thing people see and has to hook them straight away. If your job title is not too much catchy, It means you don’t get noticed; you’ve wasted your time and money.
So job title should be eye-catching.

Or on Designing Part: Good designs will not grab attention only, but can help to sell the job as well. Each Job Descriptions’ layout should engage with a theme that’s relevant to the position. The details of the job should relate to a story. So that candidates are fun to read.

Mistake 2: Recruiters make mistakes at career event                                                              

Career events are the effective way to meet different people and for recruiters it is best to meet candidates. As a recruiter, you might think that you have an advantage at such events to find the best talent. But some Recruiters getting off on the wrong foot at a career event. Again, the question arises Why?

1. Leaving Early: Sometimes career events can be long and exhausting. However, there are many attendees who left earlier it doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up and go. You never know when candidates see your empty booth before closing time.

2. No Marketing in Advance: Before the career fair, Advertising will help you to attract candidates. While event organizers will do some advance marketing, do some of your own as well. Use Social Marketing, send emails and advertise in the fair’s program.

Mistake 3: Recruiters make the mistake to choose HR System

Selecting the best HR software for your organization is an important business decision, but Recruiters make mistakes when choosing an HR System. It may be:

1. Misunderstanding the benefits of automation: Every Recruiter wants to know what the “next big thing” in Recruitment is. Every Recruiter wants to save time and efforts. Automation just like ATS will not only help you to save your time and efforts but also keep you up to date with technology wise. However, if you don’t improve your current processes and ways, automating your system won’t deliver the full return on investment that you’re hoping for.

2. Not checking the competition:
You might learn more by looking at other companies’ tools, can use online keyword tools and You can also take the advice from your enablers for the position you’re seeking to fill.

These mistakes can easily be avoided by staying abreast with the latest trends and technology. One must always be willing to experiment and find ways to add value in hiring processes. Rest, we’re looking for your contributions in the comment section below. Please add generously.

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A Modern Take On ATS

A Modern Take On ATS

A Modern Take On ATS

Are Applicant Tracking Systems fantastic contraptions?

The Applicant Tracking System was introduced in 19’s; our workplace looked very different from how it looks today, despite significant changes in how ATS work? Do the values of the ATS still apply? How can we evolve ATS concepts to tackle today’s product-delivery challenges in a new way?

The Fastest Applicant Tracking System in the Market Save time and increase the productivity in Recruitment Process.Delivered via a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, ATS can help recruiters to generate up to 43% higher placements, 40% faster rather than comparable systems and 83% of product revenues of the recruitment solutions.


For Recruiters, It is a great pleasure to consider to have a system. The extraordinary Candidates Who apply to the jobs; Recruiter, can quickly Analyze through resumes; review their skills and even it allows them to interview and check the backgrounds of the candidate. The truth is, recruiters spends more time troubleshooting and working with the things that don’t work in the ATS but they can do what we were incapable of doing on our own for decades. Recruiter’s work is automatically decreasing day by day and getting advanced. All of the vacancies close in a timely manner.

For Recruiters, It is a great pleasure to consider to have a system. The extraordinary Candidates Who apply to the jobs; Recruiter, can quickly Analyze through resumes; review their skills and even it allows them to interview and check the backgrounds of the candidate. The truth is, recruiters spends more time troubleshooting and working with the things that don’t work in the ATS but they can do what we were incapable of doing on our own for decades. Recruiter’s work is automatically decreasing day by day and getting advanced. All of the vacancies close in a timely manner.

For Recruiters, It is a great pleasure to consider to have a system. The extraordinary Candidates Who apply to the jobs; Recruiter, can quickly Analyze through resumes; review their skills and even it allows them to interview and check the backgrounds of the candidate. The truth is, recruiters spends more time troubleshooting and working with the things that don’t work in the ATS but they can do what we were incapable of doing on our own for decades. Recruiter’s work is automatically decreasing day by day and getting advanced. All of the vacancies close in a timely manner.

Any company can use ATS Whether localized or globalized. Are you aware of the more common Customer relationship management systems or CRM used by companies to keep records of the Employee’s performances? Well, ATS does the same although it helps in the recruiting process of a business and provides a Streamline database for company’s recruitment Solutions.

The above insight is taken from the whitepaper released by staffing Industry.com, which you can view it here.

the detailed ATS Industry scope
We need an advanced and sophisticated system to simplify and innovate the current solution. ATS should be unique to one’s requirement that can host resume storage and management with modern technology and interface combined. Users yearn for such system always.

It would not be wrong to say that ATS market is oversupplied with large number of players that are small and undercapitalized. The outcome, market highly volatile and difficult to estimate individual share with any accuracy. What adds more to the tale is additional costs between 25% to 40% of the ATS base price that customers find difficult to digest.

Companies should conduct detailed study and document before RFI/RFP document, feature list, and business processes wanted in a Recruitment System. Choosing an ATS is not that easy nor tough if you know you needs well to keep you ahead in the game, the rest is a story.

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Recruitment Software Types 2015

Recruitment Software Types 2015

Recruitment Software Types 2015

In the Market, you have to review dozens of different recruitment solutions for the small and medium enterprises. Recruitment software is today’s need of every Recruiter. We examined multiple recruitment software packages that help you post jobs, track applicants, conduct interviews, and bring the right person on board.  It is a logical workflow not only use for the Recruiters but also for small and medium enterprises.

Let’s get the best recruitment software that are proven, well-maintained, and being actively developed. 

1) Resume Parser:

The Conversion of a Resume into Structured Information is easy to store, analyze & manipulate by a computer. This Way Recruiter saves countless minutes of data entry time.

Most Common CV Format is MS word that is in the human readable document; Human can quickly read and Understand but for a computer they are just a long string, letters, figures and punctuation.

A CV parser is a program that extracts essential details of resume that is education, the work history, the contact information, e-mail, and skills.

Key Measurements:

  • Accuracy
  • Coverage
  • Close to Real Time
  • Support AS-IS Situation
  • Fast Acceptance from the user

2)    ATS:

An ATS Stands for Applicant Tracking System. ATS helps to recruit the people. When your resume comes into the system or Recruiters upload their resume via E-mail, then ATS scanned their resume for keywords such as skills, years of experience, education & more. And then rank that resume accordingly to the certain criteria. There are numbers of recruitment agencies or major corporations with in-house recruitment, but they don’t use the same criteria. But almost all recruitment agencies and most major companies use some form of applicant tracking system to handle job postings, applicants, resumes, interviews.

An ATS has caused many to adapt the resume optimization technology similar to those used in SEO when creating & formatting their Resume. Applicant tracking systems have the advantage of lower costs and increased accessibility. Engaging your hiring managers during the recruitment process has the advantage of reducing the cost and time to hire candidates. Take benefit of the vast numbers of candidates using the cloud-based Applicant Tracking Model.

Key Measurements:

  • SaaS model based on per resume.
  • High accurate results.
  • Extract Resume into more Valuable Fields.

3) Psychometric Test:

Psychometric Testing measures a candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses. For organizations, recruitment consultants and human resources professionals looking to assess candidates for employee selection or development. It contains numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and diagrammatic reasoning tests. Situational judgment tests used as an initial screening for the biggest graduate scheme employers. Companies can use Psychometric Test for:

Job Performance.

Organization Performance


Return on investment


4) Video Interviews:

Video Interviews are a new spark in the recruitment method. As hiring becomes more global, both for employers and candidates, video interviewing is a way to expedite the interview process. Video interviews allow both candidates and employers to fell on valuable time and money. Instead of fighting traffic to make a necessary  interview, candidates can open up their webcams and achieve the job of their dreams.

Key Measurements:

  • Live Interview.
  • Multi-language Support.
  • Scalable and Global.

 5) Career Site Management:

If you have a career site you will design, build and host your job site. You can focus on your Branding, positioning and sharing jobs across the web, Publish openings to search engines & social media, getting consolidated applies and shortlist them.

Key Measurements:

  • First-hand Information.
  • Mobile Recruiting
  • Employment SEO
  • Social Recruiting
  • Custom Design
  • Branded Website.

Once you implement this Recruiting software, It can make your life easier, finding the best software for your need can be as difficult as finding the right candidate for that open position. We’ve created this guide to help you sort Recruitment Software based on your unique needs not on general.


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