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Hiring Troubles for ATS

For the appearance of a perfect candidate, Applicant Tracking System is a new idea to allow organizations to determine which candidates may be a match for a distinct position, based on their resume.

As a result, Rchilli is empowering this solution to help enterprises’ engage and hire the best talent in a meaningful way that makes an actual impact on business.

You’ve been in business for a long time but still not able to figured-out what’s the difference between Successful and less sucessful of ATS Solutions. How does a small company become successful?

For small and medium-sized employers, the success of any applicant tracking system depends mainly on three critical factors.

1 A Successful Activation
2 Modern Usability
3 Great Customer Support

We bet, you’ll drift your recruitment strategies. To cover all, you must download it here. So here’s the chance, to make a fresh start and offer, what’s being missed in your Organization.


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Enterprise Needs Automation

Are your Hirings “going with the flow,” or are they just sitting dormant in your HR database?

Enterprise Automation

Enterprise Automation

Well, if you don’t have any Automation set up, then your answer is presumably the latter that also means you’re missing out on some big opportunities like,

  • Automates Resume Insertion,
  • Transfer Old Resume database,
  • Allow candidates to edit/update information and,
  • Shorten Resume upload time.

In fact, according to Webrecruit, 26% of employers use an Automation System to manage their Hiring process. It has increased the quality of the Recruitments. But wait, there’s more.

CV Automation isn’t the only type of Recruitment Software that you can set up to get more out of your database. What about your Customers? We provide Email Inbox feature to your clients. Overall your customer feels satisfied and happy to use our product.

As you can imagine, the outcomes are quite endless. So, what type of Automation can you set up to make your Recruitment more powerful for your Enterprises? We’ve given you quite a few suggestions in this email, let us know!

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HR, Why you need Automation?

HR Technology Automation

CV Automation

The average large company has to Automate, else a lot of work has to be done and the big challenge; data is locked inside separate systems. But, with Automation, you can get rid of all. How? Continue reading the benefits.

Here are some quick benefits of unifying you all your Recruitment-related systems:

  • Knock-out spreadsheets, eliminate time-consuming and labour intensive tasks.
  • Recruiting becomes easy, unified and hassle-free.
  • Resume management is simplified: everything you need is in one place.
  • Enable self-service for end-users, saving your time

You should be looking at simplifying your Recruitment systems and ease the pain of complex legacy systems and processes.

An overly-complicated Recruitment systems often lead to inefficiencies and poor performance. If you are looking to streamlining your Recruitment processes, Check out Rchilli. Free Trial Available. 

Learn more about Rchilli here.

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Enterprises Hiring Troubles

Enterprises Hiring

Troubles in Enterprises Hiring

You’ve been in business for a long time but still not able to figured-out what’s the difference between Successful and less sucessful Enterprises. How does a small company become successful?

Modern enterprises don’t wait for dynamites to hit them; they get corrective actions even before the event has happened. This is the report, you must vouch for.

We bet, you’ll drift your recruitment strategies after reading this. The ebook covers the following:

1 Hiring Troubles

2 How to overcome that?

3 What’s gonna be its effect?

4 Content and lot more….

To cover all, you must download it here. So here’s the chance, to make a fresh start and offer, what’s being missed in your Enterprises.

Go ahead and adopt these winning strategies and experience the benefits flowing your way.

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Rchilli’s Contribution Towards Enterprises

Rchilli's Contribution Enterprise

Enterprise Contribution

We’d love to share with you, how Rchilli propels growth and accelerate automation in Enterprises. Just a bird’s eye view for you all:

1 Re-discover the Candidate experience with Social Profile Search.

2 An efficient resume is handling with powerful Parser at the core.

Semantic enables quick search-match to get the best talent first and fast.

4 Re-engage your passive applicants with new information discovered online.

5 In the end, Re-define the job application process and take clicks to minimal while applying.

Isn’t it amazing. Your Organization becomes the favorite place for both employers and job seekers. And that would keep up in the race of Recruiting.

Enough said already. Let’s discuss, how we can upgrade your Enterprises to the next-generation. Call here.

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Breaking News For Enterprises


Welcome Back!

Where the heck is Enterprises Going?

Do you’ve any idea, How many loss-making enterprises with debt 180 percent of turnover have survived to tell the tale without a restructure? What’s next? Enterprises still are hailed as the best option to host talent. Isn’t it inspiring for the entire industry! Waves of change are coming, and we’ve to admit it.

Here’s some of them hitting the shores:

1. Application development (34%), managed services (27%), ERP implementations (22%) and cloud (20%) are the highest spending priorities for enterprises in 2015. Read Here

2. 451 Research Finds That Enterprises Are Increasing Investments In Datacenters. Read Here

3. Social enterprise is one way to work together to make a difference. Read Here

4. 81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important for their Enterprises. Read Here

5. 55% of Enterprises Predict Cloud Computing Will Enable New Business Models In Three Years.

Stay tuned for our next email. Till then see ya!


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Enterprises Unique Features

ERP features

Enterprises Features

You might want to know why some Enterprises are successful and why a lot of them struggles to gain traction. In this email, we’ll try to cover some hit-tactics that made Enterprises shoot up their revenues. Find them below:

1. Enterprises are more likely to get software that incorporates the advances made over the last decade.

2. New improved Strategies with employee benefits is what keeps your Enterprise in top form.

3. Internet-based delivery (“SaaS”, “cloud”) dramatically lowered installation costs, letting individuals or small groups buy software on discretionary budgets or use basic versions for free.

4. Focus a lot on multi-skilling and skill development of employees to ensure that workmen and employees get regular training to perform better.

5. The share of contract staffing shall reduce from 29 per cent to an estimated 15 per cent of the formal workforce.

6. And the last but the most effective, get specific and targeted. Discover your niche.

Do you agree, with all the above? Will it make any difference in, how you run your Enterprise? Would love to hear. Please hit reply and let your suggestions amuse us. Looking Forward.


Job boards, it’s time to get ahead!

Jobboards Time

It’s Time to get Ahead!

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Raise Your Game Indian Enterprises

Indian Enterprises HR

Raise Your Game Indian Enterprises


We’re a CV Automation company that let’s you recruit only the best talent for your company, right from the start. YES, that’s correct from the Resume itself. Try CV Automation only if you’re looking to be 25% more efficient than your existing Recruitment Software and dropping your cost upto 50%2015 is the time to take Recruitment seriously.

Know what exactly CV Automation is: http://rchilli.com/home/videos/

Here’s the deal; Start with a trial and continue if you like our product. No Stalking! Clear.

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