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ATS Implications

Recruiters should be wary of the cost of a bad hire as it may impact the other sides of businesses as well. Not only they damage your work culture but put dents on your Employer Brand as well. That’s why we say, start right, straight from the start. Manage resumes well and make the best use of information extracted, Using Applicant Tracking Systems.

1. The results of a study of Germany’s largest 1,000 business enterprises (response rate 13.1 %) reveal that business process analysis, business process improvement and the usage of applicant tracking systems reduce recruiting process costs.

2. The Wall Street Journals reports that resume screening software use is widespread among larger companies to the tune of the “high 90 percent range.” It indicates that finding a Fortune 500 company that doesn’t employ application tracking systems would be exceptionally rare today.

3. Today some industry experts estimate that 80% of all companies, large and small, rely on the computerized ATS as the first reader for every resume received from any source.

The choice is yours. Select savings over losses and enhance your Recruiting systems with automation now.


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Rchilli Contribution To ATS

Are you losing sleep over your recruiting efforts?

We can help you. Let us know what you need to focus on to make sure you hire the best talent by choosing one or more from these options.

1. Proactively sourcing and pipelining the best passive candidates from ATS.

2. Re-discover your ATS’s Candidate experience with Social Profile Search.

3. An efficient resume handling in ATS with powerful Parser at the core.

5. Semantic enables quick search-match to get the best talent first and fast from ATS.

6. In the end, Re-define the job application process and take clicks to minimal in ATS.

Isn’t it amazing. Your Organization becomes delighted in using your ATS; the favorite place for both employers and job seekers. And that would keep up in the race of HR Software.

Enough said already. Let’s discuss, how we can upgrade your ATS to the next-generation. Call here.


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Time for CV Parser to Get Social

CV Parsing

Is this new to you or you’re also on the social ride of Recruitment. Halt! Candidates have gone smarter & know where they are going. With the improved access to Internet technology & a plethora of tools available, they’re able to market themselves & get the right jobs in time. How? Via Social remains the answer.

Even passive candidates look for the job suited to his ability to the growth of social channels has given wings to networking.

Recruiters have gone in circles for improving the candidate experience, hiring for long term & maximizing recruitment inputs. Candidates today, don not hanker about money instead crave for experience, culture and learning that can be showcased throughout social media.

Time is right for you to leverage Social Recruiting to build talent pools as a global Recruiting function, thereby improving the quality of hire, especially for critical jobs. Staffing firms are laser focus on how they attract and engage the talent they seek.

Social Parser not only gets you the information written on CV but the links to applicant’s social profiles where the suitability of a candidate can easily be determined out. Recruiters easily cross-check the information written on CV with that on Social Profiles. This saves a heck of a time for the team to focus on other areas of HR.
It does streamline the entire recruitment process along the way and delve on hiring only best matches for the open positions. Social Parser can be your help mate in fuelling your Social Recruiting campaigns.

Recruitment is by far your biggest expense and the cost of getting it wrong can hurt. It is also something that every employer is interested but rarely accepts it. Social Parser makes candidates easily approachable and a close look on your recruitment efforts. HRtech teams today painstakingly spend time to sort Social Recruiting tool for their Recruitment systems but there can’t be anything simpler than a social resume parser that is easily integrated, standard HR-XML format and with complete documentation provided.

Social Parser culminates existing Recruitment facilities to overhaul the capability to handle a staggering amount of candidate data and give immersive Social experience to Staffing teams and firms.

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CV Automation – Recruiter’s Heaven

CV Automaton enhances the recruitment.

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Recruiters Skill For Automated System

Skills of the Recruiters.

Two Skills Faces Of Automated Recruiting

There’s no doubt that a lot has changed in Recruitment. At the start of this millennium, Recruiters were hesitant to post rules on job boards—likely because the technology was growing and hadn’t yet been fully adopted by their target audiences. Today, online posting is the norm, but earlier it was infancy to recruit candidates from social media. The Requirement for Recruitment is social Sourcing. Among the Rapidly Changing Technology, Automated Recruiting can be a great discovery for recruiters, as long as they know how to lift the technology to their advantage.


Recruiters need modern skills sets to make the most of available technology. Just as it is with every other industry, technology is changing recruiting.Technology is changing the structure of recruiting teams. But the most meaningful variation relates to the evolving skill sets that recruiters have to get the most out of the technology possible.

Technical Skills: Technical Skills are crucial because it deals with bridging technology and the recruiter. For today’s recruiters, the ability to analyse data is must. When you look at a resume, You should have distinctive analytics so that a recruiter can able to identify the top performers. Recruiters must know what tools will allow them to develop the right technology strategy to meet recruiting needs.

Soft Skills: An excellent Communication and Candidate Engagement are still significant factors considered in a job.

  • Communication: Data do tell recruiters, but not everything about the applicant but Recruiters calls back the candidate from the source, to better understand the applicant’s story.
  • Candidate Engagement: When an applicant gets hired, there’s little doubt over the experience and perceptions of a candidate about the process. It might be a significant influence on their view of the employer and the employer’s brand. A Recruiter must understand how candidates feel about the overall experience and continuously enhance the process.

Technology is so Wide and omnipresent consequently; technology boosts the bar for everyone, including recruiters. That means they need to be increasingly more strategic and creative in the way they use technology to reach and assess candidates. This addition to HR increases both quantity and production. Having technology is one way to help make the whole process more efficient and easier.

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A Modern Take On ATS

A Modern Take On ATS

A Modern Take On ATS

Are Applicant Tracking Systems fantastic contraptions?

The Applicant Tracking System was introduced in 19’s; our workplace looked very different from how it looks today, despite significant changes in how ATS work? Do the values of the ATS still apply? How can we evolve ATS concepts to tackle today’s product-delivery challenges in a new way?

The Fastest Applicant Tracking System in the Market Save time and increase the productivity in Recruitment Process.Delivered via a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, ATS can help recruiters to generate up to 43% higher placements, 40% faster rather than comparable systems and 83% of product revenues of the recruitment solutions.


For Recruiters, It is a great pleasure to consider to have a system. The extraordinary Candidates Who apply to the jobs; Recruiter, can quickly Analyze through resumes; review their skills and even it allows them to interview and check the backgrounds of the candidate. The truth is, recruiters spends more time troubleshooting and working with the things that don’t work in the ATS but they can do what we were incapable of doing on our own for decades. Recruiter’s work is automatically decreasing day by day and getting advanced. All of the vacancies close in a timely manner.

For Recruiters, It is a great pleasure to consider to have a system. The extraordinary Candidates Who apply to the jobs; Recruiter, can quickly Analyze through resumes; review their skills and even it allows them to interview and check the backgrounds of the candidate. The truth is, recruiters spends more time troubleshooting and working with the things that don’t work in the ATS but they can do what we were incapable of doing on our own for decades. Recruiter’s work is automatically decreasing day by day and getting advanced. All of the vacancies close in a timely manner.

For Recruiters, It is a great pleasure to consider to have a system. The extraordinary Candidates Who apply to the jobs; Recruiter, can quickly Analyze through resumes; review their skills and even it allows them to interview and check the backgrounds of the candidate. The truth is, recruiters spends more time troubleshooting and working with the things that don’t work in the ATS but they can do what we were incapable of doing on our own for decades. Recruiter’s work is automatically decreasing day by day and getting advanced. All of the vacancies close in a timely manner.

Any company can use ATS Whether localized or globalized. Are you aware of the more common Customer relationship management systems or CRM used by companies to keep records of the Employee’s performances? Well, ATS does the same although it helps in the recruiting process of a business and provides a Streamline database for company’s recruitment Solutions.

The above insight is taken from the whitepaper released by staffing Industry.com, which you can view it here.

the detailed ATS Industry scope
We need an advanced and sophisticated system to simplify and innovate the current solution. ATS should be unique to one’s requirement that can host resume storage and management with modern technology and interface combined. Users yearn for such system always.

It would not be wrong to say that ATS market is oversupplied with large number of players that are small and undercapitalized. The outcome, market highly volatile and difficult to estimate individual share with any accuracy. What adds more to the tale is additional costs between 25% to 40% of the ATS base price that customers find difficult to digest.

Companies should conduct detailed study and document before RFI/RFP document, feature list, and business processes wanted in a Recruitment System. Choosing an ATS is not that easy nor tough if you know you needs well to keep you ahead in the game, the rest is a story.

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Meet the Ultimate Recruitment Software via CV Automation

Rchilli – Your Search Ends Here

Ultimate (1)

Recruitment has never been an easy task, until now. It is a shame that up to now, recruitment agencies and even hiring companies do not maximize the potential of their hiring process. The conventional way of screening through thousands of resumes, manually encoding fields, segregating shortlisted applicants, and selecting the final candidate have reached a stalemate. Thankfully, recruitment is given new life, thanks to CV Automation by Rchilli. With RChilli, the entire process of hiring and recruitment is done by one simple, yet very powerful software.

Rchilli’s powerful yet user-friendly software is a complete, one-stop shop for all recruitment needs. It has the most advanced Parsing techniques, with the ability to extract up to 74 fields from submitted resumes. With support for multiple languages, cloud storage, and even a document converter, all the important information contained in CVs are placed in one powerful HR-XML based database.

Rchilli does not stop here. It understands that resumes do not tell the entire story of a candidate. Thus, the Rchilli system seamlessly integrates candidates’ social media profiles to give HR agencies and hiring companies a clearer glimpse of the candidates. A dedicated Social Tab is available, containing the candidates’ information extracted from their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media accounts.

To add to this, RChilli’s Search & Match feature guarantees that the closest, most qualified candidate is selected to fill in a job post. This powerful tool allows hiring bodies to select more qualified candidates in less time, saving time, effort and money all in one click.

Old resumes are ensured that they are updated with Rchilli’s Update feature. The most current information on candidates is integrated on passive CVs, thus converting old CVs into updated, current profiles. This ensures that even if candidates have not submitted updated CVs in a while, they will still be given due consideration, thanks to Rchilli’s powerful CV updating prowess.

All these features are vital for any HR agency or hiring company, but just how easy can this be done? Is Rchilli user-friendly, thus usable by even the most novice of users? The answer is a resounding YES. With just one click, Rchilli’s powerful database does its work for you.

Recruitment has never been an easy task, until now. Thanks to Rchilli, the best candidates are selected for the premier jobs, and HR agencies and hiring companies save resources while hiring them.

That’s a benefit for all.

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Optimize Recruitment with CV Automation

Rchilli Cv automation

How RChilli CV Automation Solutions are helping Companies to optimize their Recruitment Process.

Resume Management

Resume parser API is a Resume Management Software. When a candidate sends their resumes, it is very difficult to manage for a recruiter, the format of Resumes in doc, Xls, RTF, etc. So we, RChilli made sophisticated resume management software named Resume parser API that is not much expensive! The software stores the information in XML format. The benefit of this Format is to collect resumes in one place, can easily share feedback of the candidate with team & track candidate. Resume parser API Can be used for multiple purposes like for job-boards, Careers, referral in recruiters.

A recruiter can collect applications no matter where they source CV’s either at multiple or one critical place. Finally, there is one place recruiter can see all the candidates. Recruiters can easily use it, collect feedback from the candidates & after the interview Recruiter can easily rank that candidate accordingly whether he/she is the best fit or not…

Social Recruiting

Social media has become one of the world’s most popular outlets to inform and establish connect with the people. But when the candidate sends their resume & mention their current city XYZ, and then how a recruiter can trust on that information. May be candidate whatsoever he is mentioning on their resume is totally wrong. So to check & to enhance the clarity for the recruiter, RChilli introduces the technology named Social Profile Search. With using this tool, the Information is parsed into various fields like first name, the current place shown on candidate’s profile in social tab.

With the help of Social Profile search,

  • A recruiter can keep the cost low and provide a little extra information about your candidate.
  • It helps you to promote Organization Brand and attracting top talents to work with you.
  • You also get the ideal fit as per Culture, Social and other factors concerning organization.

Semantic Search

This is the third series of RChilli about the future of Recruiting. Semantic Search seeks to improve the search accuracy. The role of semantic in recruitment means RChilli Provides a Search tab like a Google Search Tab where you can find the best match related to your search & Enhances search capabilities and improves ability to recognize, rank and rate talent.

Match Technologies understand the differences between job descriptions and candidate resumes. Therefore, it lets you find the outstanding candidates easily. The benefits include:

  • Matches your job description with resumes and gives the accurate results.
  • It helps you in reading, analyzing and plotting Candidate’s potential in depth.
  • Matches skill desired with skills provided and automatically identify related skills.
  • Skill mapping, Talent extraction and Proficiency in finding best matches are other benefits.

One-Click Apply

One-click Apply is akin to its name that you can enhance the functionality of Resume Management, Social Profile Search & Semantic Search in just one click. With a simple click on that button, you can extract candidate’s information from the resume, classify them in different fields and view them as unique candidate profiles for each resume parsed. The benefits include:

  • Affects your concurrent process by rich features like managing workflow, controlling and storing resumes in exhaustive manner.
  • Un-tangle your TMS (Talent Management System) into simple, clear and accurate system with RChilli.
  • A perfect fit for all companies independent of its size managing resumes.



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Job Boards Challenges 2015 Resolved

If you’re a Job board and currently facing challenges like sustaining the current revenue, beating the heat from LinkedIn or getting missed on Social strategy, then take a sigh of relief as finally this email can help you resolve many of these. But how? Rchilli is the answer. let’s Know it!

Jobboard Challenges

Resolve your Job boards niche challenges.

Don’t just sit-back, ask for a personalized quote Today!

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CEO’s New Year Message

CEO's Message

Vinay Johar

Happy New Year and greetings at the start of 2015!

Last year, we upgraded our product base from Resume Parser to a completely automated solution webbed around CV Management. Now we’re able to Parse resumes, foster Social, do Semantic and Update resumes via CV Automation easily.

This year we are determined to mark our way into HR Analytics that helps you draw career path of any individual.

Like all previous years, we seek your continuous support and best wishes to reach another milestone of #HRtechnology 2015. Thanks for Everything!


“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” — Mother Teresa

Vinay Johar CEO, Rchilli Inc.

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