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HRtechTank event in Bengaluru


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My Best 5 Tweets on HRtechConf



Best Tweets

Top 5 Tweets on HRtechconf

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#Hrtechconf #2014 just got bigger!

On Display, we’ve some really super-amazing companies with solutions that can rock your world of HR. Come and experience the HR, Technology and confluence of both to define the new paradigm in human proficiency and its potential of bringing out the best in each one of us. Let’s start!

HRtechConf 2014

Hrtechconf 2014 just got bigger!

  1. 2311 @hirevueThe World’s Leading Digital Interaction Platform.
  2. 2157 @SabaSoftwareSaba delivers a cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management solution to help you hire, develop, engage and inspire your people.
  3. 1252 @glassdoorThe leading jobs and career community.
  4. 1326 @CastlightHealth – Castlight Health delivers a comprehensive suite of Enterprise Healthcare applications to reduce costs and improve outcomes for enterprises and their people.
  5. 1027 @SHRMWe are the world’s largest professional association of HR pros.
  6. 2111 @CornerstoneIncEmpowering people with on-demand, integrated learning & talent management solutions for connecting, developing and performing in the workplace.
  7. 2234 @JibeHow The World’s Top Companies Attract Talent.
  8. 1835 @indeedIndeed is the #1 job site worldwide with over 140 million unique visitors each month. More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else.
  9. 1923 @CeridianCeridian is a global provider of human resource solutions delivering trusted results and transformative Human Capital Management technology.
  10. 1552 @SimplyHiredRun one search on Simply Hired’s job search engine to quickly and easily see all open jobs.
  11. 2403 @BenefitfocusA leading benefits technology company.
  12. 2134 @GloboforceThe power of social recognition helps the world’s top companies increase employee engagement, retain talent, and drive better business performance globally.
  13. 2300 @PeopleFluentPeopleFluent is the leading total workforce HCM technology company.
  14. 1935 @UltimateHCMCloud-Based People Management Solutions for All Businesses.
  15. 2144 @QUEsocialQUEsocial makes it easy to amplify the employer brand, activate recruiters & talent ambassadors, and measure success in reaching & converting new talent pools.
  16. 1052 @tmpwwWe change the way companies activate their employer brands by positioning them at the intersection of technology, innovation and the social landscape.
  17. 1256 @eSkillCorpeSkill is a leading provider of web-based skill testing to the Hiring and Training markets.Thousands of organizations across five continents use eSkill.
  18. 1343 @GrJobInterviewTransforming Talent Acquisition with Virtual Interviews!
  19. 2617 @ZipRecruiter- Use ZipRecruiter to post jobs to 50+ job boards with 1 submission, or sign up for job alerts to have great openings sent to your inbox.
  20. 2101 @MonsterHiringAdvice and tips for employers and recruiters to find better from Monster, the global leader in connecting people to job opportunities.
  21. 1225 @spire2grow– Spire empowers ‘informed’ decision making by processing & mapping structured & ‘unstructured’ Big Data to the ‘dynamic context’ critical for desired outcomes.
  22. 1051 @NamelyHRNamely is the leading end-to-end HR and payroll platform for growing companies. 
  23. 1511 @SumTotalSystemsSumTotal Systems, LLC, a Skillsoft Company is a leading provider of HR Technology Solutions.
  24. 1335 @TalentWise The latest news and announcements from the leading technology company that’s transforming the way HR offers, screens, and onboard new hires.
  25. 1735 @EquifaxInsights Powerful consumer, commercial and workforce insights.
  26. 1319 @TechnomediaNAOffering a unified talent management suite including Talent Acquisition, Performance, Succession, Compensation, and Learning & Development.
  27. 751 @DATISe3DATIS is the leading provider of Position Control Human Resource and Payroll Software in the cloud for behavioral health and human services agencies.
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Predictive Analytics For The Future HR

CV Analytics

The Future Of Recruitment

We may not be the pioneer in Predictive Analytics but yes, definitely a differentiator when it comes to Recruiting. When most of tech people are occupied with Big Data and its allied stuff, Rchilli is finding ways to actually use this as a science based on actionable data and insights. Sounds really good but how we do it?  A tough challenge that we love!

1 We endow you with significant computing power so that you can make right decision at the right time. Save most of your money by retaining the best talent available.

2 Access your data all over the globe via cloud. Quick access and on-time decisions.

3 To avoid getting lost into the intangibles of Big Data, we stick to specifics. Focus on what is relevant and important to our activity and leave the rest.

4 Find the right channels that yield maximum responses so that you don’t waste time.

5 Know where your next breed of talent will be coming from and what makes you retain your existing workforce.

6 Predictive Analytics can be used to predict performers and control Employee churn.

AND many more……. List goes on.

We’re here to stay and make the difference so as you. So let us join hands & predict the future of Recruiting, Talent, Big data and Analytics. Reach us today at sales@rchilli.com.

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HRtech, HRtechconf, HRindia

Meet the futurism of the workplace.

Futurism of the workplace; indeed this event showed India, the future and caliber of HR. Technology & HR from the beginning finds difficulty in walking together but without one, the other will not move. So it’s always better to see them as companions but how? Let us see.

Asking questions have remained an easy job but not anymore. Instead solving the right challenges and addressing the key concerns are keeping companies busier today. Amidst all this, #TechHR14 event made the HR explode in technology space of India.

A fully-worth learning event for all HR’s who are present on the human side of organization. Respecting differences and accepting similarities is an old trend but now with Social angle we can build correlation between multiple factors and predict future. Based on the data, analytics can be built to refine our intuition and decision making.

Asking HR to adopt technology and spent a considerable amount of time with technology can ease lot many problems. Understanding and implementation can be improved significantly with first-hand use of solutions. This way HR can easily navigate between data and take timely steps to keep the workforce ready for future.

Let us keep ‘H’ in HR and make the transition smooth. Without humans technology is like an untamed lion, moving vigorously but without a sole defined purpose that only a team of passionate individuals can understand. TechHR14 asked fellow HR’s to keep up in the game and survive best talent for companies. Looking forward to many #TechHR events to come in India but with my @Rchilli team and thanks to @ PeopleMatters2

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Welcome the Futurism for the Workplace!


Futurism For the Workplace

This is the India’s first coalescence of HR and Technology. Nobody would resist the golden opportunity to join the assemblage of industry experts, share their expertise, find solutions and experience best practices around the globe.

The buck doesn’t stops here. Be ready to experience extensive HR-Technology

Product exhibition and demos as you would be admitting tomorrow’s HR Solutions Today. This is the perfect event for Learning-Sharing-Connecting-Networking with 30 World Class Speakers, over 400 participants plus 35 Exhibitors. Latest Products on Display. This is meant to be India’s First HR-Technology Conclave as Latest Products is on Display.


TechHR14 events

TechHR14 events


Being in the presence of 30 industry leaders, not only you would share the stage with them but get real benefits from their experiences, wisdom and practices best in HR-galaxy.To name a few, we’ve Rudy Karsan, DN Prasad, Laurie Maclaren, Debjani Ghosh, Madan Nagaldinne, Ritu Anand and many other esteemed personalities from HR field. To identify and applaud innovative HR technology start-ups an unprecedented initiative has also started by giving away Spotlight Awards 2014. So you might take away some prizes as well apart from learning experiences.

Event organized by People Matters, a leading knowledge and media platform in the Human Resources space. They strive to create an HR community of practice and excellence that fosters amalgamation of new ideas between HR managers, HR service providers and CXOs, leading to the growth of HR as a business critical function. In just a short span of 4 years, it has emerged as India’s single point of reference for knowledge in the HR industry.

TechHR14 Speakers

TechHR14 Speakers


We invite all interested individuals, companies, staffing firms and other personnel’s who deals in the paraphernalia of HR somehow, to register for this uber-amazing event and get acquainted with the latest in HR technology space. Rchilli, a CV Automation company extends 25% discount to all its prospects, customers and partners by using promo code TechHRRchilli on the registration page. Rest you can follow the event with #techHR14 or follow @PeopleMatters2 on twitter.

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