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Hiring Troubles for ATS

For the appearance of a perfect candidate, Applicant Tracking System is a new idea to allow organizations to determine which candidates may be a match for a distinct position, based on their resume.

As a result, Rchilli is empowering this solution to help enterprises’ engage and hire the best talent in a meaningful way that makes an actual impact on business.

You’ve been in business for a long time but still not able to figured-out what’s the difference between Successful and less sucessful of ATS Solutions. How does a small company become successful?

For small and medium-sized employers, the success of any applicant tracking system depends mainly on three critical factors.

1 A Successful Activation
2 Modern Usability
3 Great Customer Support

We bet, you’ll drift your recruitment strategies. To cover all, you must download it here. So here’s the chance, to make a fresh start and offer, what’s being missed in your Organization.


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Enterprise Needs Automation

Are your Hirings “going with the flow,” or are they just sitting dormant in your HR database?

Enterprise Automation

Enterprise Automation

Well, if you don’t have any Automation set up, then your answer is presumably the latter that also means you’re missing out on some big opportunities like,

  • Automates Resume Insertion,
  • Transfer Old Resume database,
  • Allow candidates to edit/update information and,
  • Shorten Resume upload time.

In fact, according to Webrecruit, 26% of employers use an Automation System to manage their Hiring process. It has increased the quality of the Recruitments. But wait, there’s more.

CV Automation isn’t the only type of Recruitment Software that you can set up to get more out of your database. What about your Customers? We provide Email Inbox feature to your clients. Overall your customer feels satisfied and happy to use our product.

As you can imagine, the outcomes are quite endless. So, what type of Automation can you set up to make your Recruitment more powerful for your Enterprises? We’ve given you quite a few suggestions in this email, let us know!

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Automation Use-Case For Enterprises

Building a connect with your potential candidate is vital to your hiring success. Not everyone visiting your website will make the decision to apply for jobs right away. To close the job, you will need to nurture your leads and stay in touch with them until they are ready to join.

With Rchilli you can fully automate this process to save time and increase hiring. Should you like to know about the use case of Automation? Here, A little more information about our work scenario.

We mentioned, how to develop an effective Enterprise recruitment campaign. All Information extends to your Enterprises hiring Skills and this guide will help you identify what these skills are.


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See Rchilli in Action!

Just Wanted to touch base and see if you’ve had an opportunity to read Jobvites’s 2015 Jobseeker Nation Survey, this year. In our experience, getting a feel for the jobseeker mentality can be a great motivator for adding new innovation to your strategic recruiting efforts.

Want more Inspiration?

Learn more about RChilli with a quick look at our award-winning recruiting technology.

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Straight-talk From Customers

We always try sticking close to our principle; Drive business with customers interest first, not without them. And guess what? We’re pretty right. Our clients choosed us to stay in business from past 5 years and their continued support has still manage our run this far. We hope many more years to stay and bring value to our clients. Read what they say about us:

Rchilli Testimonials

Rchilli Feedback

We hope these comments motivate you to adopt automation and take your Enterprise to new heights. As always, you can depend on CV Automation to be your one-stop-shop for best talent.

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Implications of No Automation

Recruitment Automation

Automation in Recruitment

Hiring Managers should be wary of the cost of a bad hire as it may impact the other sides of businesses as well. Not only they damage your work culture but put dents on your Employer Brand as well. That’s why we say, start right, straight from the start. Manage resumes well and make the best of the use of information extracted, using Semantic and Social.

Few stats to consider:

1. In 2012-2014, cost efficiency dominated the discussion with C-level executives, and today the focus has shifted to improving alignment with customers and gaining greater insights using analytics.

2. Enabling mobile workforces nearly tripled from 15% in 2012 to 42% today.

3. Over the next three years, the majority of enterprises senior executives forecast between 21 to 30% of applications will be SaaS-based.

4. 57% of enterprises expect their budget to increase the most for Adobe, Salesforce (43%) and LinkedIn (38%) apps in the next twelve months.

5. Average cost compensated per year for the wrong hire can be computed anywhere between $25,000 to $50,000.

The choice is yours. Select savings over losses and enhance your Recruiting systems with automation now.

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Recruiters’ Mistakes

Recruiters' MistakesRecruitment is a big business for HR and Recruiting industry. Most Recruiters struggle to recruit the right people. The vast majority of recruiters spend their valuable time meeting many candidates for their open positions.They are just seeking to keep up with the best Talent. Recruiting in a competitive marketplace is never running to be simple but it can far less irritating than it currently is. Sometimes some recruiters play few tricks as well as do common mistakes, just to make a good impression.

There are plenty of mistakes a recruiter do. Seldom these mistakes are tough to recognize and even harder to learn to avoid.

Mistake 1: Recruiters make the mistake when advertising open positions

The key to writing good ads is to grab the candidates’ attention, but sometimes job ad may not work well. Now the question arises Why?And where are you lacking?

Either on Job Title: This is the first thing people see and has to hook them straight away. If your job title is not too much catchy, It means you don’t get noticed; you’ve wasted your time and money.
So job title should be eye-catching.

Or on Designing Part: Good designs will not grab attention only, but can help to sell the job as well. Each Job Descriptions’ layout should engage with a theme that’s relevant to the position. The details of the job should relate to a story. So that candidates are fun to read.

Mistake 2: Recruiters make mistakes at career event                                                              

Career events are the effective way to meet different people and for recruiters it is best to meet candidates. As a recruiter, you might think that you have an advantage at such events to find the best talent. But some Recruiters getting off on the wrong foot at a career event. Again, the question arises Why?

1. Leaving Early: Sometimes career events can be long and exhausting. However, there are many attendees who left earlier it doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up and go. You never know when candidates see your empty booth before closing time.

2. No Marketing in Advance: Before the career fair, Advertising will help you to attract candidates. While event organizers will do some advance marketing, do some of your own as well. Use Social Marketing, send emails and advertise in the fair’s program.

Mistake 3: Recruiters make the mistake to choose HR System

Selecting the best HR software for your organization is an important business decision, but Recruiters make mistakes when choosing an HR System. It may be:

1. Misunderstanding the benefits of automation: Every Recruiter wants to know what the “next big thing” in Recruitment is. Every Recruiter wants to save time and efforts. Automation just like ATS will not only help you to save your time and efforts but also keep you up to date with technology wise. However, if you don’t improve your current processes and ways, automating your system won’t deliver the full return on investment that you’re hoping for.

2. Not checking the competition:
You might learn more by looking at other companies’ tools, can use online keyword tools and You can also take the advice from your enablers for the position you’re seeking to fill.

These mistakes can easily be avoided by staying abreast with the latest trends and technology. One must always be willing to experiment and find ways to add value in hiring processes. Rest, we’re looking for your contributions in the comment section below. Please add generously.

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Optimize Your Recruitment System

Choose Recruitment optimization

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Time for CV Parser to Get Social

CV Parsing

Is this new to you or you’re also on the social ride of Recruitment. Halt! Candidates have gone smarter & know where they are going. With the improved access to Internet technology & a plethora of tools available, they’re able to market themselves & get the right jobs in time. How? Via Social remains the answer.

Even passive candidates look for the job suited to his ability to the growth of social channels has given wings to networking.

Recruiters have gone in circles for improving the candidate experience, hiring for long term & maximizing recruitment inputs. Candidates today, don not hanker about money instead crave for experience, culture and learning that can be showcased throughout social media.

Time is right for you to leverage Social Recruiting to build talent pools as a global Recruiting function, thereby improving the quality of hire, especially for critical jobs. Staffing firms are laser focus on how they attract and engage the talent they seek.

Social Parser not only gets you the information written on CV but the links to applicant’s social profiles where the suitability of a candidate can easily be determined out. Recruiters easily cross-check the information written on CV with that on Social Profiles. This saves a heck of a time for the team to focus on other areas of HR.
It does streamline the entire recruitment process along the way and delve on hiring only best matches for the open positions. Social Parser can be your help mate in fuelling your Social Recruiting campaigns.

Recruitment is by far your biggest expense and the cost of getting it wrong can hurt. It is also something that every employer is interested but rarely accepts it. Social Parser makes candidates easily approachable and a close look on your recruitment efforts. HRtech teams today painstakingly spend time to sort Social Recruiting tool for their Recruitment systems but there can’t be anything simpler than a social resume parser that is easily integrated, standard HR-XML format and with complete documentation provided.

Social Parser culminates existing Recruitment facilities to overhaul the capability to handle a staggering amount of candidate data and give immersive Social experience to Staffing teams and firms.

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Recruiters Skill For Automated System

Skills of the Recruiters.

Two Skills Faces Of Automated Recruiting

There’s no doubt that a lot has changed in Recruitment. At the start of this millennium, Recruiters were hesitant to post rules on job boards—likely because the technology was growing and hadn’t yet been fully adopted by their target audiences. Today, online posting is the norm, but earlier it was infancy to recruit candidates from social media. The Requirement for Recruitment is social Sourcing. Among the Rapidly Changing Technology, Automated Recruiting can be a great discovery for recruiters, as long as they know how to lift the technology to their advantage.


Recruiters need modern skills sets to make the most of available technology. Just as it is with every other industry, technology is changing recruiting.Technology is changing the structure of recruiting teams. But the most meaningful variation relates to the evolving skill sets that recruiters have to get the most out of the technology possible.

Technical Skills: Technical Skills are crucial because it deals with bridging technology and the recruiter. For today’s recruiters, the ability to analyse data is must. When you look at a resume, You should have distinctive analytics so that a recruiter can able to identify the top performers. Recruiters must know what tools will allow them to develop the right technology strategy to meet recruiting needs.

Soft Skills: An excellent Communication and Candidate Engagement are still significant factors considered in a job.

  • Communication: Data do tell recruiters, but not everything about the applicant but Recruiters calls back the candidate from the source, to better understand the applicant’s story.
  • Candidate Engagement: When an applicant gets hired, there’s little doubt over the experience and perceptions of a candidate about the process. It might be a significant influence on their view of the employer and the employer’s brand. A Recruiter must understand how candidates feel about the overall experience and continuously enhance the process.

Technology is so Wide and omnipresent consequently; technology boosts the bar for everyone, including recruiters. That means they need to be increasingly more strategic and creative in the way they use technology to reach and assess candidates. This addition to HR increases both quantity and production. Having technology is one way to help make the whole process more efficient and easier.

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